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BEstBuy is non-responsive

Bought dishwasher from 3 line items, 2 were a bundle and last was installation kit. Delivery day came and only 2 items delivered one dishwasher and one install kit. Missing other half of bundle (electrical junction box). Guys drove away without solving problem said they didnt have it. Called BB and they said had to wait 24 hours to claim a problem. Ha! Next day called, sat on hold 45 mins, looked online and local BB store had it so drive up to store. Guys in store said delivery owned problem and they couldnt help. So i whipped out my credit card and BOUGHT the item so i could install my dishwasher. Now a week later and 3 ‘case numbers’ from GeekSquad zero results. Every follow up call the rep says hmmm that case has been closed... and open up another case. Each time they say someone will call and email. Nothing each time. So... while it was only a $20 part i feel BB is ripping me off and is just now playing corporate shuffle with me till i get tired and give up. Well im NOT giving up!!’ Tired of this kinda crappy customer treatment. I will go out of my way now to let everybody I interact with to avoid BB at all costs as they are liars and thieves.(unless of course they remediate my problem).... what say you BB? Wanna fix this??