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Awful Experience - Terrible Customer Service - Refrigerator rescheduled 4xs and counting....

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I have reached the end of my patience with the never-ending cycle of rescheduling by Best Buy of my refrigerator order that was placed on October 31 (Order # {removed per forum guidelines} 
The refrigerator delivery has been rescheduled not once. Not twice. Not three times. But today marks the FOURTH time that I have taken off work and sat at home waiting on a refrigerator that we desperately need. 
My 81-year-old mother resides with me and is dependent on insulin to manage her diabetes. Insulin that must be kept refrigerated. Today marks the 16th day that we are without a refrigerator.
Below you will see every notification I received that the delivery was not possible. No one is capable of providing a reason WHY it cannot be delivered since "there are no notes on the file." This needs to be changed. Notes should ALWAYS be inputted by your team or the trucking company. Leaving customers in the dark is not good customer service.
I am writing today - still refrigerator-less - hoping that the 4th time will be the magic number and we will receive our refrigerator today???????
No one should have to go through this 4 times. No one. 
The non-response by Customer Service is breathtakingly terrible. Next stop? Escalating this experience to the Better Business Bureau and other review and social media platforms associated with the Best Buy brand.