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Average Buy/lousy service

Purchased an open box refrigerator for a rental property on January 27th for delivery on the Friday 31st. Delivery driver called me at 12:22 and I called him back 6 min later and we connected. He was already at the house and I got there within 4 minutes as I told him I was close. He had left. He wouldn't answer phone. As I didn't get the 30 minute notice in the first place,(as promised) I kept calling. I also called the store and they apologized. Thinking(hoping) the delivery guy would cirle back, I called him several more times. Finally reaching him, the response was an unsympathetic "can't" help you, sir, explaining he had many other stops to make. I immediately went to the store to report the mishap, they profusely apologized and knocked $30 off the purchase. delivery was rescheduled for this past Monday, 3rd. Early yesterday I received a call from Best Buy informing me that the refrigerator would not be returned to the store until late in the afternoon so delivery would be Wednesday the 5th(tomorrow). At 9:54 this evening I received an email from Best Buy informing me that the order needs an update and could not be completed and to call the 888 Best Buy number. Alisa(sp?) in Chicago informed me that the refrigerator was missing. She didn't seem empowered to help me other that to tell me to go back to the store of origin. sigh...All for a $600 open box fridge.

So tomorrow I have to leave work, drive back to that store and plead with someone to help me fix this problem. l own 23 property units in the city of Atlanta, all in need of renovation in the next short few years. This experience seems unimaginable at Home Depot or Lowe's. Not sure what to expect tomorrow but BB has the power to make this right. I 'll see what they do. On another note, my tenant is receiving a $250 rent rebate from me for her trouble. That's how I provide good customer service, even when the problem is out of my control. as a real estate agent, I'm going to have a tough time resisting telling everyone in my world to avoid Best Buy at all cost unless this problem is rectified.


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Re: Average Buy/lousy service

Good afternoon, Stevekelly,


Welcome to our forum community, though I wish we were meeting under better circumstances. Delays or confusion regarding availability certainly isn’t the experience we want for our customers so it sounds like your situation has not progressed in the way we would want. Time is precious and I can imagine that having multiple properties makes scheduling expectations even more essential.


We typically recommend maintaining a presence at a delivery or installation address during the entirety of a provided delivery window. That being said, if someone isn’t on location to facilitate entrance to the property, we do ask our drivers to wait about 15 minutes before moving on to their next appointment. If that cushion is not followed, it would not align with our expectations and I’m glad that you were able to share this both with us here and your local store as we want the best for our customers.


Beyond this concern, if an open-box unit of your chosen fridge is not available to deliver now that you’ve needed to reschedule, it may be necessary for you to re-select a fridge. Connecting with your local store is likely the best option to see what may be possible and create a new order if it is indeed necessary to do so. As you’ve indicated you were already planning on speaking with the store today, please let do let us know how that goes or if something else comes up so we can go from there.


Thank you,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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