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Atrocious Customer Service



I would like to share my most recent poor experience with your company.


I placed an order over the phone last Saturday because I was unable to complete my purchase online.


I was advised by the customer service agent that online I could not pick my preferred delivery date or request recylcing but that I would receive a phone call within 24-48 business hours where I woud have the opportunity to do both things.


By Monday evening I had received no phone call.


On Tuesday, taking matters into my own hands, I called the company only to spend 40 agonizing minutes with a customer service agent who clearly had not received adequate training. After a 40 minute phone call she could still not understand that my fridge was being delivered to Quebec despite my billing address being in Ontario. I left the phone call feeling very uneasy about my fridge delivery.


I decided to call Best Buy again the next day because I did not trust that the agent had placed either of my requests. Sure enough, the agent I spoke with found neither the delivery date change request or the recylcing request on my file. She assured me that I would receive a confirmation email once the request was authorized. I did receive this email. I was also told that I would receive a phone call 24 hours before my expected delivery (Friday the 13th) regarding my 3 hour window.


By Thursday evening I had not received a call.


Again, I had to take matters into my own hands. I called the company and was advised that my delivery window was between 12:10-3:10pm.


Friday came and I heard nothing from Best Buy. At 3pm, frustrated, I made yet another phone call to the customer service team. The agent advised me that the company had been to my address. However, the agent realized that my initial phone number had been written down incorrectly by the customer service agent who placed my order. I would like to clarify here that every single time I called the customer service department I was asked to provide my phone number. In no instance did anyone realize that the number I was providing did not match the one on my order. As such, when the delivery company arrived, they were unable to get in touch with me. The agent tried to see if the fridge could be delivered later that evening. It could not. The agent tried to see if the fridge could be delivered Saturday. It could not.


I am thus stuck waiting until Tuesday for my fridge. This is completely unacceptable behaviour as the company has failed to uphold my intended delivery date or fix their problem fairly. There is no reason why I should have to wait 4 additional days for an error made by Best Buy.


I now have to buy additional fresh food since I have no fridge to store perishable items in. Additionally, I am suffering from lost wages. As I coach most evenings and will have to miss a practice on Tuesday so that my fridge can be delivered. I do not want to push the date further as it is already a massive inconenience to me.


I have received zero compensation for my troubles. I have not once felt like my claim has been adequately escalated. 


I do not believe that the delivery trusks were too full to put my shipment on for Saturday. I believe instead that the company did not care enough to go out of its way that my problems were resolved.


I am deeply disappointed in the company's customer service. 

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Re: Atrocious Customer Service

Good morning, EllieRoberts,


Although very similar, Best Buy Canada has their own support channels to take care of their customers.  You can find their website information on  They can also be reached by their Twitter handle at @bestbuycanhelp. 

More channels can be found by clicking here

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Re: Atrocious Customer Service

Hello, EllieRoberts,


Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us on the Best Buy Community Forum! I’m sorry for the delay in our reply. I can only imagine how frustrating it has been to have confusion with your fridge delivery and install beginning with appointment scheduling and going all the way to the phone number issues you describe. This certainly isn’t what we want for our customers at all!


@autotech796 is correct that our team here works primarily with USA stores and orders. The contact methods he suggested should indeed be the fastest way to receive service going forward. That being said, while it’s possible that this may have already received your fridge delivery, at this point, I’ve taken the liberty of forwarding this message to our Best Buy Canada team. While not ideal, you should receive a response from the Canadian team within about 3-5 business days at the email address you used in your forum registration.


Kind regards,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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