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Appliances delivered, sitting in entry hall. Installer no-show

We purchased a Washer & dryer from the Best Buy Outlet nearby. We were surprised that they would be able to arrange installation the same week, but we gladly took a Friday appointment. The Outlet insisted the appliances would have be delivered Thursday by a different team and would have to be delivered into our entry hall because it was a threshold-only delivery (store clerks said this was the policy for safety concerns). My wife and thoguht having our hallway totally blocked for one night wouldn't be too bad.

Fast foward to today. We received 2 automated calls saying we were scheduled for delivery today and discussing the health and safety policy. Our window of 12:00-6pm came and went. We tried to call the store to find out what was happening. No answer. We tried to call the 1800 number next. We were bounced around to several lines, put on hold for 23 minutes, and then disconnected. We called back, and were bounced to a person in Warranty department, who was nice (but obviously not her area) and finally managed to get us to the correct department for Installations.

We explained the situation, and the person who took our call said that however the local store put this order into the system, they did not do so correctly. She said the installation was never properly routed to their dispatch system and was just hanging ina  state of limbo. We explained that the order showed for delivery in our Best Buy account for today, with this appointment, and that we received 2 automated notice calls. She told us "Those were just robo calls, happen automatically, and don't mean anything".

She told us that the next available appointment is not for four days, that's all that can be done. We ask how this can be escalated so installers can be sent out to correct the mistake tomorrow, she said it will be unlikely that they will as the schedules are probably full.

We ask for someone to call us back in the morning with an update on a resoultion, since these large appaliances are blocking our hallway, access to our bathroom, and entry/exit to our house. She says no one will call us unless something changes, there is no reason to, they can't just repeat the same thing over again. She's going to send out an email, and maybe they'll call us sometime within the next four days.

I tell her that is totally unacceptable customer service. The bare minimum is that someone should call us in the morning and let us know this problem is being worked on/escalated. She argues with me for several minutes that there is no reason for someone to call unless something changes.

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Re: Appliances delivered, sitting in entry hall. Installer no-show

Hello, dameonmg,


Thank you very much for reaching out about your recent washer and dryer order. Appliances are a big investment and I’m honored that you trusted us with your order. I totally hear that this has not proceeded in the smooth and easy manner I would normally expect. Having large appliances out of place and in the way for longer than expected due to appointment issues is not ideal by any stretch of the imagination. I’d love to review this situation in greater detail.


To allow me to start review of the situation and order, please send me a private message to confirm your full name, phone number, email address, and order number. As you may already know, if you’re logged into the forum from a PC, you should see a “Private Message” option next to my signature below this post. I hope to hear back!


Kind regards,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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