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Appliance delay due to Best Buy Error

I purchased an entire kitchen of Thermador appliances from your Costa Mesa, California store on August 15.  We worked with our sales person to make sure our appliances would be available for our time frame, otherwise we would have purchase another brand.  As you are aware, Thermador appliances are fair traded and we could have gone to Ferguson or Pirch and bought our appliances for the same price.  We purchased our appliances on August 15 and we were told they were all available from the manufacturer and would be sent to the warehouse where they would stay until our installation.  We scheduled an Oct. 22 install date.  Approximately 10 days before our install date, I received a call that our dishwasher and range would not be available.  I was very confused because how can 2 months go by and right before installation, all of a sudden the appliances would not be available??  I THOUGHT THEY WERE IN THE WAREHOUSE THIS WHOLE TIME WAITING FOR OUR INSTALL DATE.   I went to the store and was told in person that our P.O. had not gone in until just 5 days ago, which obviously is a Best Buy error.  Since I spent over $27,000 on my appliances and it was Best Buy's error, I thought they would at least try to remedy the situation.  On Oct. 22, the installers came and installed part of my range hood and part of my refrigerator.  Not one appliance was complete.  With a Nov. 1 move in date, I went to the store to see what was going on.  The MANAGER of the Pacific Sales Department in the store told me in person that he would personally go pick up all of my items in his own truck, including my range and dishwashwer from the warehouse, get his "own" "preferred" installers and they would get everything installed by the following week. This was on Friday, Oct. 23.  I didn't hear anything from Tim, so I went back to the store on Wednesday only to be told that Tim was not working that week.  He flat out lied to me.  Now, I am really frustrated.  I asked to see the store manager.  She came over and in about 3 minutes said there was nothing she could do and told the only person in the Pacific Sales Department that she was leaving, she would not be coming back and if she needed anything, she was to text her.  I have never been treated so rudely in my entire life.  I waited for the girl to contact the person in charge of installations to at least get the additional 5 items needed to finish my hood, refrigerator and microwave.  I have been told on many occasions that there are 7 ranges identical to the one that I ordered in the warehouse whose orders were placed after mine.  Now to make matters worse, I received a call yesterday that now my range is delayed until Feb. 11, 2021 and my Dishwasher is delayed until Dec. 24, 2020.  I totally understand that we are in unprecedented times but when I know that my order went in 2 months after I purchased everything and orders purchased after me have been fulfilled there should be something Best Buy can do.  I haven't even received a call from one person from Best Buy telling me they are trying their best to help me.  As someone who is very aware that your biggest competitor is the internet and the only difference between you and them is customer service, I wonder if this is the way you treat customers how long you can stay in business.  As I said before, I had other options for purchasing my appliances and to be honest the reason we chose to buy them at Best Buy was because of our Sales Agent - Ivy.  During the purchasing process, she was very kind and very accomodating.  Please help me!!  I have already spent over $200 on items for my kitchen to try to figure out a way to cook for my family. 

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Re: Appliance delay due to Best Buy Error

Hi there, bwilson3387,


Thanks for taking the time to connect with us here on our Forums about this. We know how exciting new appliances are, and we're sorry to hear about these issues that you have faced! We are personally huge fans of brand new kitchens being full of flawless appliances, and we really dislike these issues that you have faced. 

We would love to take a closer look at the details of this together. Would you be able to send us a Private Message via the button below? Please include your full name, email address, phone number, order number, and any updates to this since posting with us. 


We look forward to hearing from you! 

Austin|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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