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Appliance back order nightmare


On November 16th I purchased about $5000 worth of appliances and today, March 19th, I had to reschedule my delivery for the 3rd time. Mind you the rescheduling date is now for June 12th, which is literally a 7 month delay, which is absolutely ridiculous.

Originally my appliances were scheduled to be delivered on Jan 16th. Then on Jan 11th I get a text that I need to reschedule, because the stove and refrigerator are out of stock. Therefore, I had the whole order reschedule for delivery for April 6th. Then on March 11th I reschedule for April 17th for personal reason. Now I get a message that the stove is out of stock, and the next available delivery date is June 12th.

My question is whether logistics is taking in consideration customer order dates, because I really I am starting to feel like every time I reschedule I am put at the bottom of their next fulfillment list. Like what is the back order turnover rate for appliances, because I believe 7 months is absolutely ridiculous? Is there any prioritization based on order date?

It just does not make any sense that I am waiting this long.
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Re: Appliance back order nightmare

Best buy is giving you the dates that thr manufacturer is giving them. Large appliances, especially ones they don't sell a ton of, have been delayed do to covid. They littererally just don't know when they are getting some of these items.

I do computer work for a large hardware chain, even some basic items have been backordeed for nearly a year now do to raw material shortages, labor shortages, the ports being backed up, all due to covid.
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Re: Appliance back order nightmare

Hello, feblesz,


Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us on the Best Buy forum. Buying a whole new set of appliances is a big investment, and we truly appreciate your trust with this purchase. I hear you that there have been delays with some products due to waiting on inventory to become available. I can assure you that Best Buy is working hard to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible. A delay is never an ideal situation, though, and I’m very sorry that has been happening with your items.


If product is backordered or otherwise unavailable for the fulfillment of your order, you do have a couple options regarding how to proceed. If you would like to stick with the order and the items you originally chose, rescheduling with the later estimate is suggested. However, if we do not receive the items when expected, it may become necessary to reschedule again. Another option to consider would be reselecting alternative appliances that are currently available in your area. Our experienced Blue Shirt representatives at your local store will typically be best equipped to make suggestions for alternative units with sooner availability. The final option to consider is cancelling the order and attempting to secure the appliances you’re needing from another retailer. Before choosing order cancellation, I would personally suggest checking in with the alternative retailer as they may be experiencing similar delays due to world events.


With all of that said, if you send me a private message with your full name, phone number, email address, and order number, I’ll be glad to take a closer look at your specific order to see if there is any other information available. Let me know if you have any other questions!



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