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Appliance Installation Refund Status Disappeared

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Hello Best Buy,


This is my final attempt to obtain a refund which was issued on 1/27/21. After four phone calls over three months to check on the refund status (which was originally promised within 10-15 days), the refund status went from “pending” to “no record of the refund being issued”.


Appliance installation was not a good experience with the following occurring:

  • Scratched both the refrigerator and stove in two areas
  • Damaged home door frame in two areas when relocating refrigerator
  • Broke the bottom cover of my existing refrigerator when moving it to the basement. Just left the broken piece in my freezer
  • Did not properly install microwave – no taping duct to vent
  • Did not install the included exhaust adapter and damper on microwave and took those pieces with them when they left my house
  • Wired the four-prong range cord incorrectly leaving the metal strip attaching the neutral lead to the ground lead, creating a connection that could electrocute user with 240 volts
  • Left saw dust on top of oven 240 volt plug potentially creating a fire hazard
  • Did not attempt to clean anything. Left saw dust all over cabinets, floor and new appliances. Did not wipe or sanitize anything.
  • Did not bring a step ladder to install microwave, so used home owner’s. Again left covered in sawdust

I contacted with Geek Squad Customer Support with the following summary:


1.27.21 - $75 dollar refund was issued. Representative said no email confirmation will be provided

2.3.21 – Christian stated the refund was in his system, no ability to provide a receipt, refund will be deposited into my Best Buy Card account in 10-15 days, call back if I do not receive it

2.28.21 – Charles confirmed the $75 credit was still processing, then transferred me to appliance representative. Told the appliance representative that I removed the microwave to fix the improper installation and now found the exhaust adapter and damper that is included with the microwave, as shown in the installation manual, was not installed. Further, the installation crew took the microwave box and installation materials. Agent elevated the issue and said a local installation manager would contact me to confirm the missing parts. No one ever contacted me.

3.18.21 – Jesus – After confirming account information, stated the system shows no sign of any credit. He created an elevated ticket number: {removed per forum guidelines} and said someone would call within 36 hours to fix the issue. No one has called.


I purchased the Geek Squad Total Tech Support Service and am an Elite Best Buy Member having purchased multi-thousands of dollars of products over the past three years including refrigerator, stove, microwave, washer, dryer, TV, Playstation 4, two iPads, two dehumidifiers, iPhones and a Dyson vacuum. In return for my patronage, I have received terrible installation service, but worse is being told I will receive a refund and then never receiving it. I have been treated very poorly by Best Buy and have wasted three months of my time.


So, I am asking one last time waive to installation fees and the Geek Squad Total Tech Support, so you do not lose a 20+ year loyal customer.

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Re: Appliance Installation Refund Status Disappeared

Hello, jeffro100!


Thank you for joining our community here on the Best Buy Forums. I see that you have also sent us a private message, and I will be following up with you there shortly. 




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