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Appliance Delivery for My Mom Rescheduled 3 times Due to No Parking, Highly Unprofessional.

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I want to pass along some feedback for your delivery and installation services for my past two orders that has left me severely disappointed with your services.  One of the orders was for me, and the other for my mom. The experience she had with your deliver team over the past month has now left my her completely infuriated, inconvenienced, and looking to cancel her $1,700 order.  
First order (my order) was scheduled 11/30/18, all the reminders I got said to expect them from 12-4pm. Checked the order on delivery day and the window changed from 2-6pm, w/o any notice of an email or a phone call. 
My delivery agent, did call me at 1:45 pm saying he would show up by 3:30, and would call to let me know when he's on his way. 4:10 comes around, and no one is here and no phone call received. I call him directly and he apologizes for not notifying me that he had to go help his coworker. He asks if I have somewhere to be. I tell him "Yes", and he says he can wait until after I'm done with my errand to come by since he already made me wait. (I appreciate the offer, but I'd rather have this taken care of instead of waiting around more.) I decline, and he says he can be here by 4:40. 4:50 comes around and I get a phone call that says he's 10 mins away.  I will say, however, that when he and his colleague arrived at 5pm, they were very apologetic and knocked out the installation within 50 mins. 
For my mom's order, they were supposed to deliver to my mom's place on 11/29/18 but cancelled/rescheduled without notice because they could not find any street parking. My mom had to call into support to see what happened as she moved her schedule around for the appointment.  I went online to use the appointment scheduler to reschedule for 12/7 from 7am-1pm. Got the confirmation, but when I check the order a couple days later, I now see the window has changed to 9am to 3pm, again without notice! My mom did receive a separate email from Adrian {removed per forum guidelines}, Agent Defender, Customer Care Agent, Geek Squad Customer Care, later that day to confirm the 12/7 delivery, but for 12-6pm instead of the original delivery time.   
12/7 delivery day arrives.  I get a call 30 mins after the appointment window has passed letting us know that the appointment has been rescheduled again for next Thursday (12/13, today!) from 7am-1pm with a small pickup due to the limited street parking. She tells me that the last time the delivery person said they would be coming with a small truck, but they showed up with a big truck again, and told her to call into customer service and I'm assuming that's when I got the voicemail from the agent notifying me of the rescheduling.  
Today is 12/13. The delivery window was from 10am-12pm. I get a call from my mom around 12:15pm saying that the delivery people arrived, again with a big truckcouldn't find any parking, and rescheduled for the 3rd time! This has now been a month since her original scheduled delivery date. I call into Best Buy support, notify them I want to cancel the order, and to refund to the original form of payment. I'm told that because everything was paid for with a gift card and she no longer has them (why would you keep gift cards after they're used up??), she'll have to go in person, to any Best Buy store's appliance section, and explain the situation in order to get a refund.
So, on top of already inconviencing her 3 separate times and forcing her to work around their schedule, she now has to do this a 4th time to get her money back. I will be doing this with her tomorrow to make sure she is refunded the entire amount.
These two separate instances (but definitely more so with my mom) with your delivery contractors shows a lack of professionalism, communication, and respect of people's time.  This is by far the worst experience we've ever had with Best Buy's services. I will have no problem telling my friends and family about this if they mention needing delivery and installation services from Best Buy, and steering them away from going through the same frustrations we've gone through. 
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Re: Appliance Delivery for My Mom Rescheduled 3 times Due to No Parking, Highly Unprofessional.

You wanted them to refund $1700 to gift card you knew she didn't have anymore? It looks like Best Buy might have just saved you from trying to refund $1700 to a card sitting in a landfill.

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Re: Appliance Delivery for My Mom Rescheduled 3 times Due to No Parking, Highly Unprofessional.

I should have been clearer instead of trying to summarize a month's worth of issues in 10 mins with a crying newborn in the background. 


I asked the Best Buy support agent if they could do one of two things since my mom no longer had the gift cards:

  1. Refund the amount on a new gift card and send it out to the delivery address (her address) on file, or 
  2. Refund the amount to my mom's credit card on file (there was additional tax the gift cards didn't cover, so she had to use her credit card for the remaning balance)

Instead, I was simply told we have to go into a store to get this taken care of. No apologies and no urgent sense of ownership on the rep's end to provide customer service. I understand there are potential security concerns around large gift card payments, but if you're looking at my file and see that we've already tried to get this scheduled 3 times, I think there could be some extra TLC in dealing with the customer on the phone who is telling you they want to cancel the order.  



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Re: Appliance Delivery for My Mom Rescheduled 3 times Due to No Parking, Highly Unprofessional.

Can anyone from Best Buy support respond to this thread? It's been over a month and have not had any communications from anyone at Best Buy. 

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Re: Appliance Delivery for My Mom Rescheduled 3 times Due to No Parking, Highly Unprofessional.

Hello Gqaz126,


I apologize for the delayed response. Holiday is our busiest time of the year in store and online, and our teams are still trying to catch up to each post. 


I want to thank you for sharing your experience with us so that we may get better in the future. I also want to address each delivery as a separate encounter, I would be happy to look into your delivery and see if there is anything we can do to assist. So if you could please send me a private message using the link in my signature, and confirm your full name, phone number, and email address, I'd be happy to help you. 


As for the order for your mom, we would need her to reach out to us separately as we can only discuss the order with the original purchaser. 



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