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Appliance Delivery MAJOR COMMUNICATION issue

Hello, I am writing this because i really need help here.


I had previously made a purchase on the Best Buy website for a refrigerator and range. They did not let me schedule delivery until payment, which then revealed delivery couldn't occur until February 2021. I then spoke with a CSR and had the order canceled so we could enter a new order for a different item at an earlier date.


It was set that my range would be delivered today, 11/25 between 7AM and 1PM. As it got closer to 1PM, I reached out by phone and direct chat to see if we were still on track. The first rep assured me that all is on track and the item had been picked up by the truck. The 2nd rep (after 1 PM) assured me that the item will still be delivered today, but no later than 6PM. The third rep I spoke with over the phone had told me the dispatchers did not know where my order was and told my CSR something about a delivery in February. This final phone rep told me that the item 'could' still deliver today, but also told me we should reschedule for 11/27 just in case. Ok? That last part does not make sense to me, but I went along with it. 


So now I have 3 different stories from 3 different reps, and I'm on my next chat to at least get the current status in writing. I have been told different stories seemingly in an effort to push me along in the support queue and get me out of their contact list ASAP. I have been nothing but nice and understanding with each rep, so this is not an issue getting a disrespectful customer off the phone. I am now being assured by the 4th rep via support chat that my delivery will now happen 11/27 from 7AM to 1PM without issue. Except, the same assurance was given to me multiple times from other reps to receive delivery today, 11/25.


Can anyone out there help me with what is going on with my order? Can I expect my delivery of fridge for 12/3 will also have these issues? I am on the edge of cancelling these orders entirely because Best Buy cannot figure out their logistical planning here. Multiple reps have given me assurances of things which have fallen through. What can I do to just ensure delivery is scheduled and not delayed further?



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Re: Appliance Delivery MAJOR COMMUNICATION issue

Update on this:

Today was the rescheduled delivery date. 11/27 from 7AM - 1PM. By 11:45, I still hadn't received a call from the delivery guys and was starting to worry.


I made a call to Best Buy CS, where the rep assured me that delivery was showing in their system and taking place no later than 1 PM today. I asked her if she was 100% certain and she repeatedly said delivery will happen today WITHOUT FAIL. 


OK, I took the first rep's word for it and waited until 1PM. No one showed up at that point, and I called back to Best Buy CS. At this point, a rep put me on the line with a more localized contact named Irene. Now, Irene had capabilities no other rep seemed to have as she was able to actually look at the Technician's schedule as well.


Then came the moment where Irene revealed to me that the tech's schedule reflected a 2/9/2021 delivery date. WHAT?! the 2/9/2021 delivery date was something which was changed immediately after my order was placed. I changed this with a Best Buy rep directly for a range to be delivered on 11/25 and a fridge to be delivered 12/3. In fact, about 10 different Best Buy reps confirmed these final dates with me, so how did these changes NEVER make it to the technician's schedule? How was it that Irene was the only rep who either had technician schedule access or cared enough to check it?


By the end of my call with Irene, we had confirmed a new scheduled delivery for the range which will now fall on the same day as the fridge. 12/3 between 7AM-1PM. 


This is absolutely insane, as I've spent yet another day here waiting to receive a delivery that never came. Irene is singlehandedly holding my order by at least providing me with a transparent rundown of what she's seeing. Were the other reps just telling me what I wanted to hear and placating me with null information to get me off the phone?


To add insult to injury, I just received another automated call from Best Buy. You answer and the recording says that they're calling to reschedule my delivery. Then they tell me to go online or call them back to reschedule it. No kidding, what a ridiculous process which has the customer make up for your shortcomings. As a test to their system, I've requested for delivery tomorrow. I bet $200 this will not happen, because the delivery windows offered by Best Buy DO NOT SYNC with their delivery technicians. The two systems do not speak to one another. You actually have to call and find a rep who will look at the technician scheduling window to get an official answer.


If it wasn't for Irene I'd have canceled both orders at this point. Frankly, I'm skeptical of receiving delivery of anything whether tomorrow or 12/3 when its now rescheduled for yet another day. If it doesn't deliver 12/3, then these orders will be canceled and the experience broadcasted by and large.


Your reps make false promises to the customer without checking all bases. They should be there to solve problems and not placate the customer with falsities to get them off the line. Why even export your customer communication process when the reps aren't bothering to ensure all details are covered? Every rep I spoke with or chatted with was a complete waste of my time until I finally got to Irene, who was at least able to tell me the Best Buy delivery windows weren't matching the Technician's delivery windows. She was the only one who cared to change it. It shouldn't take a customer hours on the phone paired with multiple days of waiting for failed deliveries just to get something done.


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Re: Appliance Delivery MAJOR COMMUNICATION issue

Welcome to our community, PleaseHelpMe2.


We sincerely appreciate you choosing us for your appliance needs, and I’m sad to hear that there seems to be scheduling issues with your order. It’s not the kind of experience that we want to deliver, and I wanted to thank you for bringing this to our attention. Rescheduling around delivery dates isn't ideal, and I can definitely understand your need for urgency.


With that being said, I would be happy to take a deeper look into the situation and go over our options. To get started, can you please send me a private message with your full name, email address, and phone number? You can send me a private message by logging into the forum and clicking on the blue button across from my signature on this post.

Scott|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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TRe: Appliance Delivery MAJOR COMMUNICATION issue

Thank you Scott, I have just sent you a private message.


The delivery for range yesterday also failed and no notifications were made. Its deeply concerning at this point and I'm hoping we can solidify a delivery date which will take place as assured.


I have spoken hours upon hours with reps over the phones and trying the live chat service. Each time I am explicitly given assurances or promises of deliveries which have not taken place. While I can't get those days off back from my work, I would at least hope we can come to a resolution where delivery date is 100% ensured. 

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Re: TRe: Appliance Delivery MAJOR COMMUNICATION issue

Another update. 


Yesterday Best Buy's automated system called again to ask me to reschedule an order.


This morning I received an automated text that stove delivery had been pushed to 12/8/2020. This would be funny if it wasn't so frustrating. The text let me go back into the system and reschedule manually for 12/1 (tomorrow). 


Checking the Best Buy website then said my other order (fridge) had been canceled by Best Buy as of 11/30/2020 (today). However when you go into the order status, it still shows everything scheduled for delivery 12/3/2020 between 7am-1pm.


There is nothing under the 'canceled' tab and everything shows as 'in-progress' status.


Just chatted with a live rep who said the orders were canceled and they can help me with re-ordering the appliances with new install dates? When I asked him why the website showing them as scheduled to deliver, he confirmed that 'items within that order' are still showing active and set to deliver. Then the rep confirms both the stove and fridge are confirmed to deliver on their selected dates. So that means it wasn't canceled? Even if things are showing as 'scheduled' to deliver on their respective dates, I don't trust that they'll deliver 12/1 or 12/3 respectively.


So we went from saying the whole thing is canceled, to confirming they will definitely be delivering on those dates. Not only that, but I've once again been told that they're going to make notes to my delivery team. Except the live chat rep said he could not see the technician's schedule, he just continued to assure me of delivery based on what his system said.


I'm not asking for much, BB. Just tell me a date you're delivering and honor it. Several failed deliveries, erroneous information from reps, extremely slow communication process when elevating the issue. How many more days and hours am I going to have to spend on fixing this?