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Appliance Delivery Debacle - need solution ASAP, please escalate!!!!

Since I am unable to find an email address for anyone at your Corporate Headquarters, please pass this along to them, as what happened to us is intolerable.


On Friday, February 7, 2020, I logged into and set up three appointments to have my suite of appliances delivered on Monday, February 24, 2020 between noon and 6pm (three seperate confirmation emails of these appointments was recieved).  On Friday February 21, 2020 I received three seperate confirmation reminder emails indicating that my appliances were scheduled to be delivered and installed as requested on Monday, February 24, 2020 between noon and 6pm and that I would be receiving a phone call the night before to narrow down the timeframe listed.


No phone call was received. 


Monday morning at 10am I started trying to call my local Best Buy store (Fargo, ND) to see if they could give me an estimate of what time I could expect my delivery.  I tried calling the store three seperate times between 10am and 11:30am, and each time my call was not answered, I was placed in a call que and wairted for over 10 minutes each time and no one ever came on the line.  At this time I logged into to chat with a customer service representative hoping to have the devliery time narrowed down a bit.  The first person who was chatting with me was unable to assist, so he had someone else jump into the chat - this person took several minutes to review the situation and then indicated that my order was still processing and that I should be receiving a call in a few hours about delivery time and that he indicated he believed it would be around 6pm.  Which was fine. 


At 4pm I thought I should just double check with the Fargo store, because I still hadn't heard anything from anyone at Best Buy and 6pm was quickly approaching.  Much to my surprise when I called the Fargo store and they looked up my account, it was discovered that there was no one scheduled to install my appliances on Monday!!  They indiciated that they would make some phone calls and would call me back with their solution.  Their solution was to have them delivered on Monday, March 2.  THIS WAS UNACCEPTABLE, and I told them this.  We are remodeling our home, the delivery of these appliances was coordinated with our contractor and electrition to happen on a certain date and time when it fell in line with the work being done on our home, a week later than the date originally scheduled is NOT OKAY!  They made some more phone calls and indicated the best they can do is Friday, February 28. And honestly, at this point I am not 100% convinced that my entire suite of appliances will be delivered and installed on Friday because I have only gotten a confirmation email regarding the refridgerator.  Friday February 28 is still unacceptable.  I needed those appliances installed on Monday, February 24 in order to keep my remodeling project on track. 


Why is there the option of scheduling appliance delivery online if this is what happens when this service is used?  And then to get blamed by the local store, them telling me that this my fault, and not Best Buy's fault is totally and utterly humiliating!!  I followed the protocol and the instructions on your website to request delviery and installation. This is not a small error, we spent a lot of money on appliances at Best Buy for our project and if this is how we are treated we will not be using Best Buy for any future purchases. Period. 


I need to have this fixed - and before Friday, February 28th.  I need this fixed today!!

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Re: Appliance Delivery Debacle - need solution ASAP, please escalate!!!!

Hi, kkane08,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. We always want to make deliveries on time, and I apologize that your delivery was not scheduled as expected.


It is always a good idea to double-check the delivery in our appointment manager here to make sure that it is on track. In addition, your best resource when calling in is to phone us at (800)GEEKSQUAD or (800) 433-5778 rather than your local store for online orders.


That web site will be the best way for you to schedule a time for these deliveries that works for you. For my part, I'd be happy to review the orders to see if I can determine what happened with the scheduling. Please use the link in my signature to send along a private message with your name, email address, phone number, and order numbers. 



Kyle R|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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