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Answers/Solutions Needed

August 6th, 2020:


To the CEO and Corporate Executives of Best Buy:


On June 10, 2020, my husband and I needed to purchase a new refrigerator for our home.  As long-time loyal customers to Best Buy (and “elite members”) we, of course, chose to purchase our refrigerator from your store.


We did extensive research via Consumer Reports and then headed out during the COVID epidemic to purchase the fridge.  Our first purchase was the GE French Door Refrigerator GFD28GYNFS was delivered to our home.  Unfortunately, after a week of experiencing a constant drip problem through the water dispenser, we had to set up an exchange via Geek Squad.  This went smoothly and we had the fridge replaced with the same model, hoping we just had a flawed machine.  


Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case, as the second GE refrigerator also continually dripped from the water dispenser.  We even hired/paid a plumber to come and check our water line, which checked out perfect.  Therefore, we re-evaluated the brand purchased and chose a Whirlpool.  Upon delivery of this new replacement fridge, it came damaged, with the compressor bashed in on the back of the unit.  We refused that model and set up a new delivery date.  


When the new model arrived we were hopeful this would be end of the saga.  Sadly, this model emitted an extremely loud “humm” throughout our open-floorplan home.  Even while watching television, you could hear the refrigerator.  We tried to “stick with it” for a week, but the sound didn’t go away.  Therefore, we had to try ANOTHER time for a fix.  We re-ordered the Whirlpool and once again upon delivery on July 29th, it was damaged from the fork-lift at the warehouse.


Frustrated and annoyed, we called the Geek Squad another time on July 30th.  I had to wait on hold for 2 hours only to learn that the fridge was unavailable for delivery, that we would have to pick, yet again, another model.  Unwillingly, we visited Best Buy ANOTHER time during the COVID epidemic, had a great representative.  We chose a new model.  Unfortunately, once again, we had to reorder through the Geek Squad, not at the store.  On Friday, July 31st, we waited on hold ANOTHER 2 hours as they set up the return/exchange.  We were out of town, and didn’t have our credit card on us, so we would have to call back on Saturday, August 1st.  


On Saturday, we called first thing in the morning, waited on hold for another hour, only to learn that we couldn’t be connected to the correct department, but in 24-48 hours someone MIGHT call us to finalize the order.  Someone MIGHT call us?  This is unacceptable customer service.


We immediately called the Best Buy in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio where in 10 minutes they were able to order the new model and set up a delivery date.  Why couldn’t this have been done in store, on July 31st, and save us 5 HOURS OF HOLD TIME?


You might think this is the end of the story, but unfortunately, it is not.  Today, August 6th, the new model was delivered.  Unfortunately, however, whomever set up the return/exchange did not note to have the old fridge removed from the house and loaded on the truck.  After a bit of negotiation with the deliverly men (one of which was quite rude) they agreed to put the two-week old fridge in the garage instead of leaving it in my dining room.


I was told to call GEEK SQUAD again, to set a date for your company to pick up the fridge.  After speaking to a representative (after holding for 50 minutes) I was told to call the store because Geek Squad return/exchange was unable to set that up.  I followed these instructions, called the store in Cuyahoga Falls, and after holding again, was told to call the same GEEK SQUAD number because the store cannot set up an appointment to pick up the returned fridge. 


As you can see, this has been a two-month ordeal.  I’ve had to have 4 sets of installers into my home during an epidemic.  Between my husband and I, we have had to take off work 6 days to be home for delivery--two of which your company tried to deliver a damaged product.  I have put in COUNTLESS hours on hold with the Geek Squad, time which I will never get back in my life.  Finally, I have a fridge in my garage that belongs to your company, which no one can seem to pick up.  


I will wait one week (until Aug.13th) until we dispose of the refrigerator ourselves.  Before that time, I would hope someone from Best Buy is able to come and pick it up.  I have done all the calling on my end, waiting on hold, taking time off of work for MY job--I can invest no more time in this process.  


I also feel I should receive compensation/reimbursement for my time and the way this entire situation has been handled.  Customer service has been terrible, and this entire two-month saga should never have happened.  What happened to the time of being PROUD of the product you sell and the service you provide.  Apparently, this is a thing of the past.


We were loyal Best Buy customers, but I doubt we will return to your company for a major purchase.

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Re: Answers/Solutions Needed

Good afternoon, Theresa12,


Welcome to our forums, and thank you for sharing your experience with us.  From what you’ve described here, this certainly doesn’t sound like the experience we hope to provide our customers when shopping for new appliances with us, and I apologize for the disappointment this experience has undoubtedly caused. 


Using the information you’ve provided upon joining our Support Forums, I see you’ve also connected with us through Facebook, and my colleague, Kyle, has responded to your post earlier today.  If you are in need of any further clarification regarding his response, I recommend replying to him there.



SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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