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Another horrible experience with Best Buy delivery

Bad customer service? Check
No follow up? Check
Cold transfers by customer service agents that don’t want to do their job? Check

I bought a washer online and scheduled a delivery for Saturday between 12-4. I got an email saying the driver would be at my house at 10:25 so I dropped everything to get home to meet them. No show so I called customer service for an explanation. They transferred me to the wrong store with the service agent got mad when I asked him to repeat my name and number because he kept getting it wrong. After the 5th try they got my name right and promised a call back which never came. I called the store where they claimed the driver called in sick and moved me back to 4-8 on Saturday. Again and no show so I called again and got cold transferred by the customer service rep who didn’t want to deal with the issue to another rep. This rep, Ken, out of the Chicago office promised to resolve the issue on Monday morning. No emails or calls by midday so I call in and learn there are no case notes and the delivery has not been rescheduled nor is it able to be. Had a similar experience in November but thought “maybe that was a one off”. Learned the hard way that it is something systematic.