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Another Terrible Delivery/Installation Experience on Appliance

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To whom it may concern,


I want to express my extreme frustration with a recent delivery/installation order I made for a LG Gas Dryer.  When the delivery folks came, first they were refusing to hook up the dryer claiming they could not access the shut off valve because it was too close to the wall.  Unfortunately, I was stuck working late at work and my wife was forced to deal with this situation.  If I had been home I would have just done it for them and on coming home, I noticed it was easily accessible, so I don't understand what their concern was.  On talking to them on the phone, I eventually talked them through shutting the valve off and they continued the job.  However, they also refused to install the new vent that Best Buy made me order for the installation saying it wasn't as good as the flexible vent I already had, although I suspected they just didn't want to make their job last any longer, as we were the last job of the night.  Lastly, when I was 5 minutes from home I got an urgent call that now they could not fit the gas fitting that I was also forced to purchase with the dryer to the gas connection on the dryer.  When I got home the installation people explained that Best Buy just provides them with a standard 3/8" to 3/8" gas hose, which fit my gas line in the house, but did not fit the 1/2 inch connection that LG puts on their dryers.  He told me I would need to either get the part and do it myself (I do not want to mess with not putting on a gas line correctly), or call a plumber to do it for me (which would cost me $150 after I already paid Best Buy to do this job).  This was completely unacceptable to me.  How does Best Buy sell a dryer and a part to hook up the dryer that does not fit the actual dryer?  The driver told me this happens on 80% of his calls, so that means Best Buy is failing 80% of their dryer installations and nobody is aware to fix this problem to ensure they are having people purchase the correct hook-up parts?  I can't possibly fathom how this is possible, in this day and age, for nobody at Best Buy to figure this issue out.  The driver said in the morning they just hand him a bunch of appliances and some parts and most of the time they can't complete their jobs.  I am not surprised by this because I had a kitchen suite installation from Best Buy over the summer, which was another utter debacle.  They charged us an extra $150 claiming they didn't like how one of the lines looked for the dish washer hookup and then refused to install the microwave because of the positioning of the outlet (I told them I would drill a pass through myself, but it became clear the real reason they didn't want to do the install was because they had too many installs scheduled that day and didn't want to fall behind).  I ended up putting the microwave in myself with the help of a friend a few days later, but this should have been a warning to me that Best Buy installation was not to be trusted.  Not to mention, they said they would leave the extra parts I purchased that they didn't use so that I could return them to Best Buy, but they ended up taking them with them.  I followed up on this more than once through Best Buy support, but I kept getting the ring around, at one point getted routed 5 times on a call!  Nothing ever came of this, and I ended up giving up figuring it wasn't worth all my time for the $50 Best Buy stole from me on the parts.  To me, it seems like Best Buy does not pick very good partnerships when they sub out their installation and delivery of appliances.  Both installation guys complained of not making much money and having too much work.  Since they are subbed out, they have no motivation to provide excellent customer service.  I suspect there is a major flaw in your partnerships and now you will lose a very good customer over a second bad experience.  It's a shame because I am an Elite Pro member and I have had very good experiences when dealing with your in store employees, who most of the time, are very knowledgeable, patient, and willing to go above and beyond to help.  Your issues with delivery/installation is tarnishing your brand in a way that I suspect will cause major damage.  This is evident by your 1.3 rating with constumer affairs for geek squad {removed per forum guidelines}.  I also think it's beyond ludicrous that I can't even find somebody proper to send my complaint to besides posting on this public forum.  I would prefer to speak with somebody with some decision making power within your corporate structure to fully explain all of the bad experiences I have had with delivery/installation services.  If you are unwilling to work on good partnerships for this type of work, you probably should get out of the business of offering these services.  It seems as if you excel in other areas (I.E. tremendous rewards programs, good prices, great selection of products, knowledgeable in-store employees), but this major flaw in your system is causing consumers, and very good customers (like myself), to look elsewhere now for our products.  Maybe it's my fault for giving Best Buy a second chance with another appliance installation, but I really wanted to use my points I had earned for being a good customer.  Trust me, I will not be making this mistake again, and I urge anybody reading this who might be debating purchasing an appliance with delivery/installation from Best Buy to look elsewhere.  A couple of years ago, I bought my first major appliance for my house from Home Depot and had absolutely 0 issues with the installation.  The installers were knowledgeable, didn't claim they couldn't do anything, were neat, and done in 30 minutes.  This morning, I went to my local Home Depot to put in the order for the same dryer I returned from Best Buy because of the installation issues, and my hope is it will go much smoother.  Hopefully, somebody will read this and work on fixing your internal processes for this type of work, which is clearly broken.  It's truly is a shame this happened to me again, and is now putting extra stress on my family (I have a 8 month old who was recently sick and we desperately need to do laundy, but will now have to go to a laundromat) for something which should have gone smoother considering the amount of money everything costs these days.


Best Regards,


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Re: Another Terrible Delivery/Installation Experience on Appliance

Crickets from Best Buy.  What more should I have expected?  By the way, scanning these forums it's pretty clear you all have a major issue with your delivery/installation services.



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Re: Another Terrible Delivery/Installation Experience on Appliance

Hi there James-


Welcome to our Forums and thank you for taking the time to write to us regarding your appliance delivery. I apologize for the delay in responding to your message, we are working as quickly as we can to respond to the messages we have received after the holiday season. I am disheartened to hear that you have had such a difficult time getting these appliances installed. I know how difficult life can be when your appliances aren't working correctly. I am happy to help get your feedback to the correct place.  


I am very disappointed to read that the delivery team was not willing to work with you to find a better solution to the difficulties that they were having during the installation. I agree that you shouldn't have to walk the delivery team how to complete an installation or pay extra for someone else to do it. With all the frustration this caused I can understand why the decision was made to return these items and get a refund for this order. 


I will be sure to log your feedback here at our Corporate Office for internal review so that we can work to prevent problems like this from happening in the future. We work hard to make appliance deliveries as quick as easy as possible so life can get back to normal and I am sorry that this wasn't your experience. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns and I will be happy to help as much as I can. 

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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