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Another Nightmare appliance delivery experience - truly amazed

OK first of all - Atleast I am relieved to know that , the applicance delivery nightmare that I am having is not a on eoff issue , and its there evry where in all the consumer complaint forums , bb forums , reddit and so on 


Purchased washer/dryer - scheduled delivery with install - no old appliances to remove


Issue 1 : I get a 6 hour window , yes 6 hour window , Never seen any delivery company give me a 6 hr window , max was 4 hrs . Anyway thats fine , its what it is . But this is an indication of problems to come


Issue 2 : On the day of delivery , even after an hour in to teh delivery window , there is absolutely no information whatsoever , phone number fo the delivery guy , phone number of the dispatch agent , tracking information - nothing . 

Just keep your phone beside you for 6 hrs 


We are living in a world of amazons , ubers , door dash - where you can even see a 5$ burger on teh map and know where it is .  


Issue 3 : So I finally receive a call , he says he is 15 mins away - when you give 6 hrs window , atleast 30 mins notice is minimum . I say that I will need 30 mins but will rush and could be there in 20 mins or so . I call my onsite supervisor and she reaches there in 10 mins


Issue 4 : I got tons of text messages and emails about my delivery , but on the day of the delivery , when the guys are close , I didnt get any text messag e, phone or anything . You might ask - why do you care ? I will explain in next few points , basically they dont want any official recor of these sequence of events


Issue 5 : Anyway my supervisor reaches with in 10 mins and calls abck teh delivery guy , the delivery says , yes tehy will be there , And we think ok its all sorted out now and I finally can go back to work and attend my meetings. NOO , big mistake . 20 mins the delivery guys dont show up , my supervisor calls the general switch board number ans it takes for ever to reach them . yes I wont even mention all the forwarding to teh wrong departments and so on - just know that this phone call is not easy . An dobviously they are clueless , tehy say tehy know nothing.


It been 20 mins , 30 mins and the deliveyr guys switch off their phone . Atleast you coudl say that they are not going to make it . Finally after an hour o many phone calls , both my supervispr and myself are tired and i ask her to leave


Issue 6: Here is the outrageous part , I finally get thrpugh customer service and bingo , apparently the deliveyr guys were there and no body was present . this is teh biggest joke . And I asked how she can say for sure , she says she has a picture of the house . H aha . Anybody can get a picture of the house , anytime , they could just drive and get a picture an dgo . that does  prove anything . i ask if there is anythign conclusive , she says , its basically whatever the delivery guys say . Thsi is where i lost the hope. Ok whatever the delivery guy says is tru e- what bout me ? no safeguards in place ? how do you validate? hwo do you cross check ? If the delivery service was so smooth , you woudlnt be seeing the thousands of complainst online . 


Issue 7: isa y thats fine - do you knwo teh sequence of events so you can investigate , the system ha sno information of when teh delivery guy called me , when they were at my door , when they left , absolutely no record , no recorded conversation , whatever the delievry guy says is true . 


Dont get me wrong , i can just go ahead and sschedule a new appointment , but what if teh delivery guys do the same scam , you ahve no safe guards . Finally the supervisor assures taht she will research and get back with options


Issue 8: No follow up whatsoever , no phone , no email , no text . I call them back and surprise -- there is not even a mention of this issue , no notes , I got the case number and name of person , I am sure tehy are fake as well 


I dotn even have tiem to elaborate on the torture i went through to speak to one person who can answer basic qns


oh my go d- one guy said that , as tehy are working fro home , the supervisor is not with them and so they cant talk . Come on guys , ha ha , the whole world is working form him , supervisor needs to be besid eyou to tarnsfer the call , what ?? I thought to speak on phone , we dont need to be at the same place . 


Anyway - now after all this , the resolution is to "reschedule " . Ha ha . Just pray that it will work this time . Pay money for material , installation and delivery , but we dont even know when we will get , if teh delivery guys show up , so whenevr the guys want tod it they will do it . 


A proper system in place , will save all of our time , surprised that this sort of thing happens in 2020 . 

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Re: Another Nightmare appliance delivery experience - truly amazed

Hello, insighter242,


Thank you for visiting our online community, and for choosing Best Buy for this investment. Having a washer and dryer delivered is typically a seamless experience. Based on your description, things did not go as planned, which is never the news we would hope for. We appreciate you reaching out about this, as we want to offer any support we’re able, in effort to ensure your next delivery appointment is a success.


If further support is needed, you’re welcomed to connect with us privately, where we can gather the necessary information. To send a Private Message, simply use the blue button across from my signature. We look forward to hearing from you.



Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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