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Another NAL Group Fail (and BestBuy cannot do anything?!)

About to cancel and try to get my money back for Geek Squad after my first (and hopefully last) experience with NAL Group.


Scheduled TV installation for today 12-8pm on website.


I received a text and email confirmation last night.


Received a call from "NAL Group" this morning, only a couple of hours before appointment, that they could not make the appointment.  Rest of message was not intelligible as the speaker mumbled and spoke too quickly.


I tried to call the number back and could not get anyone on the line.


I googled NAL Group and discovered their association wiht BestBuy.  I also found so many horror stories and "no show" appointment stories that I decided I would not want them in my house, much less installing a 60" TV on my wall.


I tried to cancel or reschedule the appointment on my own, but the appointment scheduler said I needed to call GeekSquad to do that, so I did.


I called the GeekSquad 1-800 number and explained the situation to a gentleman who spoke very little english.  After 10 minutes on hold, he transferred me to another line where I was put on hold with the BestBuy "action squad" (I think that was the recorded message).  I was on hold on that line for another 30-40 minutes before I gave up and hung up.


I then tried chat.  After spending 10 minutes trying to figure out how to chat with a live agent, I finally connected with Peter J.  at 12:17pm Chicago time.  I explained the situation and provided my order number.  "Peter J" then said he would help.  After 30 minutes he asked for my order number again and seemed not to know what I wanted, so I repeated the whole thing (I assume "Peter J" is actually a virtual agent or gets reassigned with each message after going throuhg all this).  Finally, at 1:30pm (OVER an hour on chat) he came back and told me he couldn't help me because the appointment was "locked"!?


So two hours on the phone and chat line, and I haven't been able to get rid of NAL Group, or schedule a new appointment.  The Peter J robot also told me that even if I could somehow cancel NAL Group (which he cannot do) I may just get another NAL Group appointment!  There is no way to specify that I want my LOCAL bestbuy team to do the work (as an aside my LOCAL bestbuy GeekSquad installer did a FANTASTIC job in the last install).


I then asked for a supervisor, which Peter J said he could not help me with because he "doesn't have access to a supervisor".  What?!


No wonder Amazon and ABT are eating your lunch.


Not sure if anyone here can do anything to help, but this is absurd.  Bestbuy should be ashamed to be associated with NAL Group, and the fact that your agent's cannot reschedule or move a FAILED appointment is just crazy.  Beyond that, making me spend 2 hours on hold and chat to tell me no one can help is absurd.


Too bad, because the LOCAL guys at my store are the best.



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Re: Another NAL Group Fail (and BestBuy cannot do anything?!)

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In case it is needed here is the order number for the missed appointment NAL Group install:

{removed per forum guidelines}


It is still saying on that the installer will be here today!  But NAL Group says nope.

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Re: Another NAL Group Fail (and BestBuy cannot do anything?!)

Still no solution to this
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Re: Another NAL Group Fail (and BestBuy cannot do anything?!)

Hey there, jefferysnorman!


Thank you for connecting with us here on the Best Buy Forums. Getting a new TV should be a super exciting purchase, and I am sure that you are eager for your to arrive. I am sorry to hear that the TV was not able to be delivered when originally anticipated, and I would like to look into this further. 


For me to do this, can you please send a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address? You should be able to do this by clicking the blue button under my signature.



Jenni|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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