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Ahhhhh...Fridge delivery issue; One day, we will have a day (I hope)

Not too long ago, our refigerator passed, it's good. It'll be in a better place soon.


My wife and I had been shopping for a refrigerator and knew that there would be some deals out there. Best Buy was the first offering a sale, that we noticed anyway, and we went to the local store in Fairfax, VA on 8/18 and purchased it. We paid in full for it for roughly $1249 and change, plus added some extra like the protection, appliance haul away, etc. for a total of $1508 and change. We scheduled the earliest delivery which was today, 8/23. They offered two time slots: 7am-1pm or 1pm-6pm(?). We opted for the earliest.


So I provided my name, my cell phone, address, and everything else they asked for. Beginning that day, 8/18, they texted me the conf#, plus acknowledgment of the order. On Tues 8/20, they texted again about the 7am-1pm window. On Thurs. 8/22 they texted saying the window is between 11am-1pm. And this morning, 8/23, they said the same. Around 12:15pm EDT today, they texted with an "approximate" and specific time of 12:35pm. So far, so good. We made plans to be here all day from 7am until 2pm just in case, with some flexibility beyond that. I work from home and it helps. No biggie. 


Well, 12:35pm came and went. 1pm came and went. 2pm came and went. So I called. I called the number via the link in the texts they sent. The automatic recording said that call volume was heavy and the approx. wait time was 15 minutes. ONE HOUR and over 10 minutes later (I took a screen shot if anyone wants to see it), they finally answered the line. I didn't have my order number handy but I gave our house phone and my cell. Now, they have my cell, but they found it via the house number. The CSR rep was terrible. And I didn't give her my good side. She'll confirm that. She told me that I have to hang up and have my wife call instead. Why? Because the house number tied in with Best Buy rewards was registered by her. I told the rep I paid for it. It's OUR house. It's our house phone. It was to be OUR refrigerator. She said it was "corporate policy". Strike One for not showing up and Strike Two for that CSR.


So, I drove to the Best Buy I bought it from. Next logical step. The Customer Service rep there was helpful and friendly. Kudos to her. She said that they'll "escalate it". She said the only info she can see was that it was supposed to be delivered between 11am and 1pm. She then said that it was a 3rd Party that delivers and installs, not Best Buy employees. She gave me a phone number and said it would help, but that she'd already spoken with them to escalate it. I left the store empty handed and still no fridge. On my commute home, I called that went to a hospital in Minneapolis, MN. Maybe they have a fridge we can use? I won't give a full strike here. She was talking to someone else for that number and she attempted to have it repeated a couple of times. Communication error there somewhere. Strike Two-And-A-Half.


I drove home in dispair. Pulled into the driveway, and a 1-800 number called my cell. I answered it. It was Geek Squad. They acknowledged the "escalation". I'm thinking, "Yay! I'll have a fridge now. I bet they're on their way". Nope. No such luck. They said the delivery driver was at the house. He said that he was there at 1pm. But then he saw a note in the computer saying 12:08pm. Reminder: my text from them said 12:35pm, which was texted at 12:15. Which is it? They said the delivery driver took a picture! Oh good, proof! He described our house. I confirmed it. But there was no knock. There was no ring. They have my call or text. There wasn't even a note, saying "Sorry We Missed You". There was nothing. I'm certain they pulled up, and took a picture, and made no attempt. We even kept our dog out about in the house....he loves to bark. I don't think the delivery guy was forthcoming. Strike 3.


After a time, I found another 1-800 number to call. I really needed to get to the bottom of this. Could they deliver today? Where is the fridge? What happened? Is someone chilling their leftovers in our fridge? The next CSR I talked to was friendly. She said that it was impossible to deliver today....and it'll take up to Wednesday to deliver. She acknowledged the notes, but also said their delivery truck broke down once in the morning and again in the afternoon. I really don't know if Best Buy can help. I know they contract out some of this work. But my confidence is gone. I'm looking around for alternatives this evening. If I see a good deal at Home Depot, Lowes, or wherever, I'm jumping on it. Best Buy may have lost us forever. 

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Re: Ahhhhh...Fridge delivery issue; One day, we will have a day (I hope)

Hi, llecs,

Welcome tot he Best Buy Community forums, and thanks for reaching out about that. I appreciate you keeping a light and humerus tone in that post about what is clearly a bad situation. Having no working refrigerator is always bad, and having a delivery rescheduled just makes it all the worse. I'm sorry we weren't able to get that delivered on time, and that the phone support you attempted to reach was such a long wait.


It sounds like the purchase may be under your wife's name. We always want to protect the private information of our customers, and part of that is only being able to speak with the person whose name is on an order. Please see our Privacy Policy for full details on that.It sounds like the person you spoke with didn't explain that to you as clearly as they should have.


If any more issues with the delivery do pop up, or if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Geek Squad Client Care team at (800) 304-1259. They are set up to assist with appliance delivery issues like this. If the order is under your wife's name, she'd need to be the one to contact us.

Please let me know if I can help you out with anything else. 



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Re: Ahhhhh...Fridge delivery issue; One day, we will have a day (I hope)

Wanted to give an update. Had a chance to calm down and think all of this through since the issue last month. Long story short...the fridge was delivered and setup, with the old one removed (RIP). 


On Fri 8/23, we began a new search for a refrigerator with a different company. Best Buy said that they would deliver it on Wed. 8/28. But we decided to look at refrigerators elsewhere. We didn't want to chance it. The saving grace for Best Buy? Geek Squad called on Sat. the 24th saying they will deliver on Monday, with the same time frame. True to their word, they delivered. They even called to confirm afterwards.


I know there are two entities at play here: Best Buy and their 3rd party delivery company. It was the same company that was used both days. Had a deep convo with these delivery guys. They said that many of their delivery people are lazy and dishonest. They volunteered, without us telling them the weather conditions that prev. Friday, that if it's raining, many times the delivery people won't even get out of their truck. They'll pull up to the residence and make no attempt to deliver. On the 23rd, it was raining really hard in the DC area. This could explain the very poor image quality of the photo they said they took. A convo with Geek Squad on the 23rd confirmed they could have been here, but they said that the image was very difficult to discern and appeared distorted. Water on a side delivery truck window could easily do that. They also said that they'll often report a broken down vehicle if they don't want to deliver at all. A Geek Squad rep reported that the delivery vehicle broke down twice that Friday, yet, they have the picture showing they were there. As a recap, we were home, there was no ring, no knock, no note, and our dog didn't bark like he usually does when someone comes to the door.


In summary....If I ran Best Buy:


1) If a customer calls to inquire about the delivery, don't tell them to hang up and have the wife call. It's our home. It's our fridge. It was paid for using my credit card. I signed the paperwork. I gave them my cell phone. The only difference is that at purchase, I gave them my house number, which my wife uses at Best Buy as well. The CSR said it was policy not to talk to me. The store rep talked to me. Geek Squad talked to me. The delivery guys talked to me. That CSR was full of it. 


If a customer calls to inquire about a specific order, give them the info if they can successfully identify what was ordered, where it was ordered from/to, etc. That angered me more than anything. On hold for over an hour only to be told to hang up. If she worked for me, I'd fire her or change the policy, if that indeed is the policy. If a customer cannot get info about his/her order, where are they supposed to turn to? It felt like nobody cared. It felt like I was treated like crap. 


Love them or hate them, but Amazon is #1. Why? Jeff Bezos cared about the customer experience from day #1. He obsessed over it. He wants to make sure that you return again and again and again. Companies like that will one day put Best Buy in the same place as Circuit City, CompUSA, and HH Gregg....BK Heaven. The only thing going for Best Buy is the human interaction. You don't get that in an online shopping experience. Bricks and mortar need to capitalize on that. But more time needs to be invested into that on your end.


2) Vet the 3rd-party delivery services a bit more. They are the face of Best Buy, if a customer is receiving a large delivery. They made Best Buy look bad. I don't know the agreements you have, but certainly they should be reviewed, with alternatives or backups in place if there ever were delivery issues. I don't think they broke down as they reported to you. I think they lied. Have redunancies in place if they do "break down". Sure it might be late, but it gets delivered. Have a penalty system in place if they don't show up. Or if the customer isn't there at all, have a post-it note saying "sorry we missed you" and then take picture of the front of the house with the note on it, and assess that with the customer. 




Will I buy from Best Buy again? Maybe. I know for sure that I won't ever buy a large appliance from you again. Not after all of that. And if I ever think I'd need to talk to a CSR, I won't order knowing I could have a repeat.