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Against my better judgement I trusted Best Buy and got burned again

To whoever it may concern, I trusted Best Buy again and got burned AGAIN. I have been a good customer of Best Buy for many years, which you can see if you looked at my Reward Zone status. Year after year I got either Elite or Elite Plus. I will not rehash a previous post, instead I will link it below (TLDR - I didn't purchase enough during the pandemic and my elite status never renewed causing me to loose all my banked points for the past 3~5 years).


How do I contact corporate for a complaint? - Best Buy Support


Fast forward to the current situation. My wife and I purchased a house and we did a complete renovation. We were shopping for appliances for the entire house (fridge, range, microwave, dishwasher, washer & dryer). I could have shopped at Home Depot, Lowes, PC Richards, Walmart, Amazon, etc. but I decided to give Best Buy another chance. My wife created an account and signed up for the Best Buy credit card. We made our purchase including Best Buy's total protection. We included a site survey for today (11/18/2021) to ensure that when everything is delivered we have all electrical and water lines in place. When we made the purchase we had asked the salesperson to include my phone number since my wife typically doesn't deal with the contractors coming in and out of the house. We were told my number was in the notes and the person coming out would call me. I called yesterday (11/17/2021) to make sure we were still on schedule for the appointment and I asked "Can the tech coming out call me prior to leaving, we do not currently live in the house and need a heads up so I can arrange to be there". I called again today and said the same thing and was again reassured that someone will call ME, not my wife. 


The incident. 

Despite it being in the notes and having stated multiple times, I was never contacted. Instead of contacting me, it was my wife who was contacted. My wife gave the tech, Christian from GPS, my number. I was on the phone with Christian who said "I am leaving because you are not here". I told him I was already on my way and would be there in 15 to 20 minutes and he said to me "I'm not waiting, I am leaving now". Unsurprisingly when I show up at my house he was gone. This is the last time I am trusting Best Buy with my business.

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Re: Against my better judgement I trusted Best Buy and got burned again

Hello, mgpinho88,


Thank you for taking the time to share your experience here on the Best Buy Forum. Appliances are a huge investment and a central part of any home, so I totally understand how this order is a priority. I'm disappointed to hear that your appointment didn't go to plan. I'd love to do whatever I can to help prevent further issues in the future. 


In my experience, home service teams are only allowed to wait at a location for a max of 15 minutes before they are required to move on to the next appointment. With that said, I'll gladly record your feedback about the agent who was at your home as well as your feedback that the person who helped you set up the order provided differing expectations. Generally speaking, to avoid delays and disappointments, I typically recommend that the person accepting a home service be on site for the full appointment window as the service teams can arrive at any time within the appointment window. 


I'm also sorry for any confusion when your order was set up. If you and your wife prefer that home service teams should contact you instead of your wife, the best way to ensure that happens is to tie your phone number to the order instead of your wife's. Even then, please do keep in mind that if the order is in her name, teams are typically unable to modify order details unless they are speaking with the person listed as the purchaser on an order. Does your wife have her own forum account where she could reach out to me about the order? Once I have verification from the purchaser, I should be able to update the phone number on the order to avoid issues on that score going forward. Alternatively, your wife should be able to contact service teams via phone at (888) BEST-BUY or (888) 237-8289 to request modification of the phone number on the order. I hope this helps! 



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