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Abysmal Customer Service

I started buy Best Buy Ordeal on Black Friday, Nov 23, 2018.

I went online to order a TV, and Washer / Dryer pair.  The online website would not take my Best Buy Credit card, so I had to venture into a store on the busiest day of the year.  After waiting in line to order the washer / dryer for 90 minutes, I was able to place my order.  Delivery was to be the following Friday.  I paid for my order and left

Total wasted time 3 hours.

Two days later, I recieve a delivery reschedule email for the washer / dryer - now scheduled for Dec 20th.  I call to try to reschedule my delivery as I was going to be out of town.  I am told by Customer Dis-service that it is either Dec 20th or Jan 4th.  I bite the bullet, reschedule a business trip to come back a day early, and blow $200 on a change ticket fee.....GRRRR.   

90 minutes blown on hold attempting to make the change.

The TV I ordered was still scheduled for the 30th of Nov.  My work schedule allows some flexibility, and I was able to plan to work from home for the delivery day.   On the 28th, I get an email from Best buy saying my TV will be delivered between noon and 6pm on the 29th, not the 30th.   I call Best Buy, wait in hold and try to get my original date.  Mission accomplished.

60 minutes wasted.

on Nov 30th, my delivery window is noon till 6 pm.  They show up at 9am.  I am at work, 30 minutes away.  My son (over 18) is at home but they will not let him sign for it - I should have pre-authorized him to sign for it

I reschedule for Dec 2nd, (Sunday Morning 7am)  

Time wasted 30 minutes

Sunday comes and goes - no delivery.  Sat around for 5 hours, and then spent  60 minutes on the phone.   I was told they forgot to put in on the truck.  I was told my best option was to pick it up at the store I purchased it from.  I borrow a car (mine was too small to carry the large TV.) go to the store and told that sice the delivery team had the order, I could not pick it up at the store.  After some drawn out "discussions" with some Jr manager, they let me go home with my TV.

Time wasted (not including waiting at home) 3 hours

December 19th, I get an email saying my washer is on back order and has been resceduled for Dec 28th - when I am out of town on vacation.  Call and reschdule for Jan 4, but demand the dryer be installed on the 20th of Dec..   

Wasted time 30 minutes

Dec 20th the delivery window for the dryer is 8 am to 10 am.  They show up at 2pm.   Because it was a gas dryer and local building code does not allow for reusing the vent pipe, I ordered and paid for a vent pipe and installation, plus leak test.  Installer does not install vent kit I purchased and reuses old one.  I am still fighting Best Buy for a refund for the vent kit never delivered.

Get an phone call stating my washer has been rescheduled Jan 7th between noon and 6 pm.  (when I am out of town)  Argue with Customer Dis-service and demand a Friday of Saturday.  They reschedule for Jan 11, 8 am to noon window.

Get an email on Jan 10th saying my delivery window is 7 am to 10 am

Get an email saying my delivery window is 7 am to 1pm.  *Sigh*

On Jan 11th, I get an email at 840am saying the delivery team will arrive at 950am.  At 1pm, I call to complain - no delivery, and in fact I recevied an email saying my delivery was complete.  Spend 120 minutes on hold, and complaining.   At 4pm, I get a call back from BB and said they forgot to load the washer on the truck (Second time for that excuse), but they could deliver Feb 2nd.   I suggest they just put the washer on a truck and deliver it now.  I was told it is not in stock any more.  I tell them to call me when they have the washer on the way, and mention that Lowes and Home Depot have the washer in stock and can deliver on Monday.  I tell Customer Dis-service I will be buying a washer elsewhere.  I am immediately told they can deliver Jan 12th, between 8am and 6pm.  I tell them Deliver nad install must be complete before 9am (I have plans for the day) or on Monday, they can come by and pick up the dryer they partially installed on Dec 20th, it will on the street near the end of the driveway.  I tell them I expect a full refund, plus interest - just the same interest rate they charge their customers.  I am told they will get back to me by 5pm with delivery confirmation for 8am.


Total time wasted today 4 hours (not including time waiting for the phantom delivery)


And still no call to see if they will ever deliver the washer.   Tonight I go to Home Depot to buy an in-stock washer and dryer, exactly the same models purchased from Best Buy almost two months ago 

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Re: Abysmal Customer Service


Best buy has selected a time to deliver my washer - between 7 am and 6pm, Monday Jan 13.  They didn't call me.  They didn't ask.  I travel often for business.  I will not be home.  I sat on hold for 1 hour.  they offered no other option.

They told me I was being unreasonable, to expect delivery on the date that they and I agreed upon and they promised.

Anyone who orders an appliance from Best Buy is an absolute fool.  I paid for this appliance over 50 days ago.   Every time I call Best Buy, I am told I have no options.  

Since 5 pm, I have been on the phone with Best buy. No resolution.   They refuse to offer any alternatives to the date and times they selected.

I have asked to cancel the order and get a refund.  No luck.