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Absurd “Customer Service” Billings, MT

Most consumers would agree customer service across all industries started their respective, slow deaths two years ago to where we find ourselves today. Best Buy in Billings, MT just reinforced that opinion by large orders of magnitude. Purchased a 50" TV and mount on April 1st (jokes on us) with a delivery and install date of April 19th! Absurd on its face, but whatever. Montana. On April 19th, despite the confirmation emails the day prior and the day of delivery that our purchase was on the way, we get a call from a regional "customer service" guy informing was no one was coming, b/c "we had a sick-out." Hmmm. So one person stops the Best Buy machinery from turning, huh? Called the store direct to speak with the GM, but was only met with a regional network; asked for the GM of Billings Best Buy to call me back yesterday. Didn't happen. So today, we get a call informing us the next and soonest available install date is MAY FOURTH!?!? Never mind that the story changed at least once from a lone sick-out as the critical point of failure , but rather a faulty bracket that mysteriously didn't present itself until the day of install. Which is it? Either way, installing our TV 35-days post purchase is obscene. I'd suggest to do better, but that would imply Best Buy has any interest in providing the very basics of customer service.
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Re: Absurd “Customer Service” Billings, MT

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I definitely understand why you'd be disappointed with the customer service you described. Please allow me to take a closer look. If you can a private message me the follow:


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