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Absolutely horrible experience exchanging

Bought refrigerator not long ago.  When it was brought in there was number of problems: bottom drawer not aligned and not closing properly, shelf falling down, way too much humidity (drops of water on everything) inside.


Finally arranged for it to be exchanged (date 9/17) - got several confirmation emails, including estimated time of arrival about 30 minutes before. Took the day off, had to take everything out and placed somewhere. Lo and behold, nobody shows up.  Calling Customer support for hours - 3 times was told "don't worry, it's been loaded onto the truck, the truck is en route, all good".  Closer to the evening the tune has changed, it's not coming.

Got 3 different reasons (from 4 people) - from "driver canceled the order" to "we are short on people and canceled" to.. "refrigerator was coming from one warehouse to closer one and didn't make it on time!"  Yes, many reasons - all the lies and not a single apology!


Lost day's wages, spoiled food thrown out, hours on the phone and still stuck with old piece of junk.

All I was offered is to have it rescheduled. 


Normal company would rush such order to the next day (Saturday), but no, Best Buy offered their next available date (in 4-5 days) as if it were regular delivery.


Got it rescheduled for next week (9/25).  Hoped it'll be good this time - it's hard to make things worse.

Don't ever underestimate the ability to mess up and disappoint.


The crew arrives, looks at refrigerator in their truck and informs me that they can't exchange it!  Why not?  It's missing that electronic piece where one views and changes the temperature.

More stress, spoiled food, wasted weekend and ..same old refrigerator and zero apologies.

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Re: Absolutely horrible experience exchanging



Thank you for posting on our forum regarding your refrigerator situation. Please look to your inbox for further assistance with this. I'm happy to continue working with you there!



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Re: Absolutely horrible experience exchanging

So far all I received in my mailbox is numerous inquiries to validate myself and not a single attempt to assist and resolve.
While I am happy to continue the conversation in private via inbox, I'd like others to be aware of the resolution, if any.
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Re: Absolutely horrible experience exchanging

It is becoming more and more evident that Best Buy does not care neither about its own reputation, nor its customers.