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We've been pretty understanding of past orders/deliveries gone wrong but this time NO phone call, NO email, NOTHING from anyone at Best Buy that THEY CANCELLED our delivery scheduled for today.  When calling CS to find out why we weren't notified all we were given were excuses and nothing but putting us on the list for delivery in another week.


This is UNACCEPTABLE when YOU are the ones that cancelled this delivery in the first place.  You should be putting us and everyone else you cancelled on the next days delivery route EVEN if you're booked.  You should be making this right NOT making the customer wait for something that was not their fault to begin with.   

Spoke to someone who was supposed to be at the Mgr level tell us that the Delivery Mgr would call us back today which never happened.  So we tried Chat and that was like talking to a brick wall that only had the canned responses with NO EFFORT to fix the problem that you all created.  NOW we're on the phone with someone that isn't even in this country telling us they are trained to handle the problem & the only thing they are doing is giving the same canned responses of we can't put you on a delivery unless there's an available spot.  

This is NOT going to work.  Took off work to get the delivery today which is lost wages & now need to take off another day which is MORE Lost wages and you treat your customers who by the way are the very reason you even have jobs is we buy your products.  You should do a better job of making things right when you're at fault.   Had this been our cancellation ABSOLUTELY we should wait until there's an opening to reschedule because now we've inconvenienced you but that is NOT the case and you're doing absolutely NOTHING to make things right at all.

We're so disgusted with how you treat customers, you don't take responsibility for the problem but instead just keep giving excuses.  I don't want excuses, your agents representing you are not doing you any favors and are handling the situation poorly.  They do not listen to what you're telling them and keep shoving down your throat the canned responses.


Extremely annoyed and very unhappy consumer who will make it a point to spread the word, you're better off paying more for better service.

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Since Best Buy has since hung up on us twice this evening after making this post and they have made no effort to call us back, we cancelled out order.

You've lost a customer and many more because of your extremely poor service. Since corporate doesn't have an email to provide customers who have a legit issue is just another reason we won't be doing business with you moving forward. I would rather pay more money and get better service than deal with this again. Not that anyone cares but letting you all know why you lost business now and in the future and i will absolutely make it a point to tell everyone i know not to use you.

Please don't reply with the canned responses of we're sorry, this isn't how we treat customers or do business bla bla bla. This IS how you treat customers, do you read the posts here of all the complains, the same complaints? LOL it's almost comical that you continue to say this isn't how we want your experience to go but the same experiences keep happening. Clearly something is wrong with how you're doing things. Maybe you should look into fixing that for the customers you do manage to keep, they deserve better.
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Hello, KTorrone.


Thank you for sharing your experience and believe it or not, we do care that you did not receive the appliance you ordered, culminating in the cancellation of your order.  Communication in a company is a must and from your personal experience, that was not the case.  We're not in the business of failing our customers.  Completely botching order after order wouldn't be a prime business model to operate and employ thousands of hard working associates that want every order to succeed, not fail.  
If you can send us a private message with your full name, email address and phone number, I'd be more than happy to have your concerns documented and cased.

I hope to hear from you soon..

Derald|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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