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ANOTHER Delivery Complaint!

Had a horrible delivery experience yesterday. A stove and refrigerator were to be delivered between 4-6pm. 6pm comes and goes, I hear nothing. Over the next hour I call Best Buy customer support four times and get run arounds. Put on hold 10 minutes, transferred, then hung up on. The delivery guys finally show after 7:30pm, 1.5 hours late. They take out the old stove and bring in the new one, then proceed to make lame excuse after lame excuse that it "can't be installed" because first - "the flooring is incomplete". Not true. There is an old tile missing in the back, I promptly remove all the newer tiles so the stove can sit flat on the old tiles. The excuse then changes to "it needs a shim". I then offer multiple things to work as a shim, a several tiles, some sheets of old shingles, a piece of wood. The installer never even looks at any of it and proclaims "can't be done". He leaves the uninstalled stove sitting in the middle of the kitchen and says "someone else has to do it".


Then he proclaims that he can't bring the refrigerator in because it is a couple inches too big to get through the kitchen door. Can he remove the doors and handle? That is common practice. "no, can't be done". "someone else has to do it".  he also refuses to haul away the old refrigerator although he admits size is not an issue, just "someone else has to do it" and tells me to make another service appointment. Then without asking me what I want to do, he calls Best Buy and tells them that he can't install the stove because "the flooring is incomplete" (again, untrue) and that I want a DIFFERENT refrigerator. Also untrue! I take his phone away and tell Best Buy to cancel the stove install, and cancel the refrigerator order. This is absolutely a terrible experience and awful customer service. I am NEVER buying an applicance from Best Buy again. It is not worth the aggravation.