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I bought a Kenwood Car radio for my 2003 Cadillac Deville Dhs (NO GPS) && online it says "free installation" and I talked to 100 different customer service people on phone and live chat and not only did I get passed from person to person and "holding for the next available representative" but I was tugged back and forth and told yes and no and this and that and the exact opposite from what the last person said!!! Absolutely pathetic!! There's no one to help not even geek squad. And then I get told buy the Best Buy support membership and I would get better help.!? Ha! Why would I fork out more money when I already gave you my service and bought something from you guys and can't even get help with my questions and get simple answers to basic things!? I can't get no where and have gotten NO WHERE on the phone NOR on live chat so now I am here... wanting coporates email address because I am at the point where I'm just ready to go to every news channel and show them to never go to Best Buy or else you'll be stuck with absolutely no help whatsoever by a bunch of people who call them self geek squad and tech support but offer no help and are rude as can be. I am so upset and if it weren't for the radio I bought being out of stock everywhere else I would have done sent this radio back and got my money back. But it's obvious as to why soemthing that is sold out LITERALLY EVERYWHERE is not sold out at Best Buy.! Ding ding! Probably because you can't get NO HELP FROM NOBODY!! You guys should be ashamed and it's bad when you see the millions of Instagram comments and community posts with the exact same issue I am facing. Horrible customer support and absolutely NO HELP no matter what "special agent" or "geek squad rep" you talk to. They all know nothing. My grandfather ended up having to do tons of research on YouTube and a lot of trial and error to figure out how to put the radio in my car. With absolutely no help from Best Buy whatsoever. I will never ever buy from you guys again and as a social media influencer I will make sure I let everyone know to never go to Best Buy. As paying customers we should be treated with more dignity and respect as we are what keeps you guys in business. Your representatives need education and obviously need to be trained again but I don't think that can even help as they don't even have the manners to answer the simplest of questions without being super rude and making it seem as if you're asking them for a million dollars. All I wanted was help and to be offered the FREE INSTALLATION that I was told I was getting and then after being told I was getting it and then not, and then was, and then not again... I tried just asking for help with simple installation and tech support help and no one, absolutely no one helped answer any of my questions I had from day one. {removed per forum guidelines} is my email address and it would really be nice to hear from corporate and find out why it's so hard to talk to someone who knows what their talking about!! 

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Good afternoon, cakefacebrit,


Thank you for taking the time to share feedback about your recent purchase of a Kenwood car radio. That’s a super exciting purchase, so I wish it had gone in the smooth manner we would normally expect for such investments. It sounds like there was a lot of confusion around if the item qualified for free installation or not, so I can totally understand where you’re coming from with this feedback. I agree that information regarding sales or promotions should be easily understandable.


My team is based out of the Best Buy Corporate office, so you have already reached the right place in this matter. This team communicates primarily through social media, so I’ll be happy to continue the conversation on this platform. You may have noticed that your email address was removed from the public view. This is to protect your private information since this forum is publicly viewable. To ensure I have all the details to make this feedback impactful, please send a private message with your full name, phone number, and order number. If you are logged into the forum from a PC, you should see a blue “Private Message” option next to my signature below this post.



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