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5 Washer/Dryer Install Failures and Dangerous Contractors

I purchased a washer/dryer from a great sales representative at my local Best Buy, but the installation process has been terrible. In short, the appliances are still not functional, 5 appointments and 1.5 months after delivery. Every single crew that has come has worked to find a reason why they cannot do the job instead of worked to figure out how it can be done. 


On the 3rd attempt, the washer/dryer were finally "installed", but (as I soon learned) the technicians failed to turn on the water before sliding the unit back. They left immediately and refused to stay to ensure that everything worked. On the 4th attempt, the technicians said they couldn't get the washer/dryer out in order to turn on the water, so they rescheduled me. On the 5th attempt, the technicians again claimed that they couldn't get the washer/dryer out, and I would need to reschedule for a 4 man crew. This seems like something they should have arranged after the 3rd attempt, but fine. 


What I cannot handle is the incredibly unprofessional and frankly intimidating behavior of the contract workers that Geek Squad sends into my home. Crew #3 took photographs of my home, unrelated to the installation (e.g., pictures of my living room and porch) presuably because they liked the space, but this is extremely inappropriate. Crew #4 did not wear masks, ding dong ditched my neighbor, and used my free weights while speaking to me. They should not be allowed into the homes of future customers.


I feel helpless because I need Geek Squad to solve the issue that they have created but am genuinely scared to have 4 more unprofessional, incompetent men in my home at once. Is there any way to have actual employees come, rather than these traveling independent contractors with no work ethic or accountability? 

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Re: 5 Washer/Dryer Install Failures and Dangerous Contractors

Welcome to our community, Kelly13,


Thank you for reaching out to us. A new washer and dryer can be an investment in your family’s cleanliness needs. I myself had recently upgraded my dryer for the first time in years this past December, and I can relate to wanting to ensure a smooth delivery and installation process. A person’s home should be their castle, and we understand the privilege of being welcomed into your home to provide a service. Our Agents will do their best to perform their service while maintaining cleanliness and safety standards, and I can understand your desire to ensure that these standards are met. I’d be happy to learn more about what happened, as well as fully documenting your experience here at our Corporate Office.


To get started, can you please send me a private message with your full name, email address, and phone number? You can send me a private message by logging into the forum and clicking on the blue button across from my signature on this post.

Scott|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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