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4 Failed Deliveries

Posting here because I don't know what else to do. I'm incredibly frustrated with Best Buy and I don't actually have any faith that my item will be delivered at all. 


I purchased a NordicTrack treadmill and a total tech membership with Best Buy on December 29, 2021. 


My first delivery date was scheduled for January 18, 2022 from 12 pm - 8 pm. At about 12:45 pm I got a call from Best Buy support saying the truck broke down and the delivery would have to be rescheduled. Fine, this happens from time to time, no big deal. We reschedule the delivery for January 22 from 12 pm - 8 pm. 


The second delivery on January 22 from 12 pm - 8 pm also never came. I got a call at about 1 pm saying that "the delivery person got hurt on the road en route and the delivery would need to be rescheduled". At this point I'm annoyed but it happens so I call up total tech and the rep I spoke with told me that he would reschedule the appointment. I asked him what assurance he can give me that it will actually show up this time. He said exactly, "Best Buy is like the Dallas Cowboys, somehow always finds a way to let you down and if it was me I would cancel the order because I have no faith that Best Buy is actually going to deliver this treadmill". Word for word exactly what he said. I asked to be transferred to a manager because I had little faith in Best Buy after hearing that. I was transferred around to a few different departments before actually getting a manager who said they can offer me a $100 gift card for the trouble AFTER the treadmill arives. She then proceeded to say she will reschedule the delivery for January 26, 2022. 


The third delivery on January 26 from 7 am- 1 pm is my personal favorite. Once again I was excited and hopeful that my treadmill would be delivered but once again I was let down. I received a text at 7:30 am saying that my delivery was on the way and that the crew would be arriving at around 8 am. After sitting at the window watching for the delivery crew for an hour and a half I called total tech support and asked where the crew was. The support person said she will call dispatch and ask. She called me back a few minutes later and said they were delayed but they will be there between 9:30 - 10:30 am. At 12 pm they still hadn't showed so I called total tech again and they assured me they were on the way and that the new time would be 5:30 pm. So again I waited. At 6 pm I called after they still failed to arrive I was told that the treadmill was 450 pounds and they didn't have enough crew to move it so it would need to be rescheduled. They only had 2 crew members and an item this size requires 4. At that point I lost all faith in Best 
Buy. Not only was I LIED TO MULTIPLE TIMES, the support person thought I was dumb enough to believe that after 2 failed deliveries and a third that was "on the way" the entire day, that only then did they realize that the treadmill was 450 pounds........ I asked to be transferred to a manager who said they can offer a $150 giftcard AFTER the delivery of the treadmill. I mentioned I was already offered $100 but it was only put in the notes and was not actually issued like the support person had told me. She said she would have the dispatcher and regional manager and delivery team call me back within 24 hours. It's been 2 days an no one has called me back. Prior to ending the call we rescheduled the delivery again for today, January 28, 2022. 


The fourth delivery was scheduled for today January 28, 2022 from 7 am- 1 pm. After not getting any communication from Best Buy at all I called at 9 am and was told that they needed more crew again and it would have to be rescheduled after being assured many times that this time they would have the correct number of crew and would actually deliver the treadmill. I asked to speak to a manager and was not transferred, they said one would call me back. One did call me back but then hung up so as of right now I have no resolution, no treadmill, no compensation and no idea of what to do next. I logged on to my Best Buy account and now my order is saying we'll let you know when your order is available to schedule for delivery. This makes me think that Best Buy never actually had my treadmill at all and just kept making delivery appointments that it wasn't going to keep. My card has already been charged and no delivery, information or any resolution for this. I am incredibly disappointed and frustrated with Best Buy. 

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Re: 4 Failed Deliveries

Hello, kellla11,


Thanks for creating a profile here on the Best Buy Forums. Welcome to this community!


That sounds nowhere near the delivery experience we pride ourselves on providing, so I can certainly understand you looking for some assistance here. I’d be happy to take a look into this on my end, so please send me a private message with your full name, email, phone number, and order number to get started.



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