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30 days later, appliances don't work, and I can't get help from Best Buy customer service...


I am trying to reach customer service, but your website just directs me to call the support number. I have tried calling and have been hung up on so I am reaching out in hopes that someone may be able to point me in the right direction of someone who can assist me.

On February 16th, one month ago, I purchased $2500 worth of appliances from the Best Buy outlet in Dallas, TX. (Washer, Dryer & Fridge) The salesperson Steven K was extremely helpful and helped me pick out the appliances that had the least amount of cosmetic damage. I was assured that everything I purchased would be in working condition and that there would only be the small knicks and scratches. I also needed to have a waterline installed for my fridge. We set up a date to install and deliver all three items which had very limited availability because of the need for a licensed plumber to connect the water line.

On the original day of the install, 3/1/19 I had an appointment scheduled between 12 and 6. I took the day off of work so that I would be home at the time of the scheduled delivery. At 12:37 I received a phone call letting me know that the delivery would need to be rescheduled because they scheduled the install team but my items were not on the truck. I spoke with a woman who rescheduled my appointment to the following Monday 3/4/19. I specifically told her that I would need to have a plumber to install the water line and was curious as to how she could reschedule my appointment so quickly when my original appointment was scheduled 2 weeks out due to the limited availability of licensed plumbers. She told me she would set the appointment for Monday between 12 and 6 and would give me a call back to confirm a plumber would be available.

I never received a call back and then was scheduled for two appointments. One for Monday from 7-12 and one from 12-6. The day before my second scheduled install I called Best Buy again just to double check that there would be a plumber available to do the install. I spoke to another woman who said that there was not one available on Monday (like i had figured) and that the next available appointments were two weeks out. I confirmed an appointment on 3/15/19 between 12 and 6 and told her to note on my account that I preferred a later day delivery because I did not want to take another whole day off of work. I then received two more confirmation emails for appointments, one for the 3/15 time that we had discussed and another one for 3/14.

Yesterday, the day before my new scheduled appointment, I got a call from Pacific Kitchen and Home confirming my appointment. She said that they changed my scheduled time to between 9 and 12 instead of the original 12 and 6. At this point, I have been waiting for my appliances for a month so I let her know that the new time would be ok. She called back ten minutes later to confirm that I did need a water line put in. Later yesterday afternoon I received a voicemail from XPO confirming my delivery was between 12 and 3. I called back because this was a different time than what I had just spoken to Pacific about. The gentleman put me on hold and called back to verify my appointment had indeed changed to the 9-12 window. I then received another automated message from Best Buy that said my appointment was still scheduled from 12-6.

Since I was still unsure of when my appointment was, I took the whole day off of work because at this point my window was now from 9-6. At 8:35 this morning I got a call from the install team asking me if they could come early because they were overbooked on their afternoon appointments. I told them yes as I was expecting them between 9 and 12. The two gentlemen arrived shortly after 9:00 and were very pleasant. They pulled out my existing fridge and then noticed that there was no water line to connect to. I let them know that I had paid for the water line installation and that the reason I waited so long for this appointment was that I had to have a certified plumber. The installers were not, so they could not hook up the water line for me. Then they took the Dryer out of the truck and there was a large scratch down the front of it. Because it was from the outlet store, the salesperson and I had inspected each item at the time of purchase, so I knew that was not there before. When they tried to attach the power cord, the terminal screws were missing, so they could not plug the dryer in. Lastly, the washer was set up. Everything seemed to be okay, but when the washer was plugged in, it did not work. They tried multiple power sources and could get the washer to turn on, but it would turn off after a few seconds.

So here I am, one month without a washer, dryer, or fridge with $2500 worth of appliances in my new home, none of which work, having taken two days off of work. I tried to contact Best Buy support and have been hung up on and transferred. I was finally transferred to a warehouse who told me because my order was delivered today, there was nothing they could do and that I needed to call back tomorrow and schedule a service appointment, which I'm undoubtedly sure will require me to take more time off of work.

Can you please forward this message on to someone who can help me come to a resolution about this issue?