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3 Attempts and Delivery never arrived! No call, no email! Two days lost wages!

I placed an order on 8/29/20 for an LG Washer/Dryer including extended warranties, hoses, etc. My 1ST scheduled delivery date was 9/3/20. Two third-party gentleman showed up at my front door. After explaining that no stacking kit was included in the order they could not set up the washer/dryer. I'd have to reschedule. My mistake. Next available appt was scheduled for 9/8/20. Keep in mind, my washer/dryer no longer works, I'm running out of clean clothes, and my dog is 14 and has incontinence. Old towels are used to soak up any accidents she has on my tiled kitchen floor and cannot be cleaned. 2ND delivery - Tues 9/8, two gentleman show up and I direct them to the area where the new washer/dryer is to installed. Apparently, they are under the impression they are only here to do an install - the washer/dryer I ordered are NOT on the truck. I have to reschedule yet again. 3RD - scheduled delivery 9/11/20. Arrival time between 12PM and 6PM. SIX hour window. I waited around all day. I called to confirm my appt 3 times and was assured the items were on the truck and out for delivery. 6PM rolls around and still no truck. No email, no call saying we're running late we apologize. Nothing. This is two days of lost wages waiting around for nothing. Not even a courtesy call. My next thought is, I ordered two 5 year warranties on these machines. If I'm having this much trouble getting them delivered, what kind of hell will it be like trying to get them serviced? Completely unprofessional, and highly disappointing. Waste of time and money - and I still have no clean clothes and a house that stinks from dog towels. Thanks Best Buy!