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2 installation nightmares

Hi. I just wanted to give my feedback about my whole installation and purchase process my order. Honestly, this whole process has been a mess, stressful, and makes me regret purchasing my major appliances from Best Buy.

First of all, I had my gas dryer delivered and installed on 8/6/21. I was not there for the installation, but when I visited my house the next day I had a gas leak from the dryer installation. The person who installed it failed to do a gas leak test and I smelled gas in my laundry room. I immediately called customer service twice and was on phone with them for 45 mins each with inconclusive outcomes. I eventually just cancelled the gas installation because my dad had to drive an hour out to fix it. Basically customer service could not come out to reinstall until a week later. Did not understand why when this was a GAS leak that was their fault and not a broken appliance.

Then today, 9/3 I was supposed to have my LG Sidekick washer pedestal installed. When they came to install it the driver said that the person who placed my order (which was a best buy employee) failed to add the extra hose in my order. The driver called customer service who eventually called me and stated that they can place the order for me and then I can call for them to reinstall the pedestal. This was already so frustrating. I already waited 1 month for this installation to come in and literally went to the store to place the order hoping that Best Buy would take care of what their customer needed for installation..I mean that’s the purpose of a customer going into the store vs purchasing online. Because ordering through the phone and waiting for the package to come in and then making another appointment for them to reinstall would take too long, I made he decision to just go to the store to purchase the hose so I can schedule an appointment right away.

This whole process has caused me to waste SOOO much time and money. It has been so frustrating to work with Best Buy and makes me want to tell people not to purchase their major appliances here. I was told when I placed my order in store that it is better to do it in store than online because the customer service and help I will receive would be better - when if fact it hasn’t.