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14 month installation issue



I purchased a remote start with all necessary accessories back in Dec of 18. The installation took place sometime in Jan of 19, that is where the nightmare began and took almost 14 months and still is not completely resolved.


The unit was installed at Chapel Hill Best Buy in Ohio, after which the car would not turn off after the remote start was installed. The vehicle would not turn off even after the key had been removed. Nick the original installer is no longer employed with Best Buy, and based on what other employees had said, it is obvious why.


The amount of time consumed between trips from Chapel Hill and North Canton Best Buys( around 30 miles) has been beyond a time waste. In 14 months we visited both best buys upwards of 8 times (maybe more) to resolve an issue that was caused by the installation. When the equipment was finally removed just this month February 2020, one of the plugs was not even able to be removed due to the installer cutting the cable too short.


The most recent attempt at resolving the issue ( Jan 2020) Sunny from the North Canton location was the installer, he was a helpful employee. The battery was completely dead, 2 days later we went to ford to get the battery checked. Tests showed something was draining the battery, which was not the case prior to the most recent install attempt. After removal, the battery was retested and there was no drainage taking place.


On 1/29/2020 I received a $100 gift card for the repeated inconvenience. My initial purchase was $395.95 and after all of these attempts AND all equipment being returned (aside from the cord the installer cut too short) I received a refund of only $213.48. I was informed that the “inconvenience” gift card would be part of the refund for the initial purchase. Not only was this resolution not acceptable to me, I was told to travel to the Chapel Hill best buy to return equipment and receive my “refund”. Even though I was already at Best Buy in North Canton. That is laughable customer service, in my opinion, after 14 months of dealing with an issue that was not caused by me. I do not find the resolution to be fair and am looking forward to your response.


I spend a good chunk of money with Best Buy annually and at the moment a gift card to your store is not very high on my list to use. I am also purchasing ~$3000 toward a PC build and have opted to purchase some components elsewhere already due to this terrible experience.


I apologize for this being a bit jumbled and poorly formatted but put this together fairly quickly, again I look forward to your response. If you need additional information please let me know.




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Re: 14 month installation issue

Good afternoon, Andy,


Welcome to our forums, and thank you for sharing your experience with us.  Having to deal with an improper car installation for any amount of time would be frustrating, but hearing this has been an issue for you for over a year is especially disheartening, and I apologize for the disappointment this experience has undoubtedly caused.


Please know that as a company, Best Buy does not offer our customers compensation for incidental or consequential damages, so while I understand the $100 gift card you’ve been provided may not have been as much as you were hoping for, I am glad to hear leadership at your local Best Buy store has provided this to you for your inconvenience.


You’ve mentioned you were not fully refunded for this purchase, so I’d like to look into this matter further, to make sure there isn’t any additional amount that’s owed to you.  For me to review your purchases further, I’ll ask that you send me a private message with the following information:


  • Your first and last name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address


To send me this information privately, be sure to use the blue “Private Message” button in my signature.


Looking forward to hearing from you,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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