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$12K home theater install with no sound - can't fix for weeks

Ordered an Epson - Pro Cinema 6050UB 4K 3LCD Projector with a Screen Innovations - Zero Edge Pro 120" Wall Projector Screen on June 26th, They finally showed up to install it on July 25th, and I was left with a complete disaster. 


It's now over a week since the full home install, and my $4K projector is sitting on a cardboard Sonos Box, my Sonos soundboard is on barstools and not mounted below the screen, but more importantly, they left me with no sound - and they say they can't fix it for weeks. They can't make the equipment they sold me work, and now want to design a new setup, and charge me another 2K for another design that may or may not work. There was zero wire management, and equipment is spread along 3 shelves with no organization.


Pics below of the (video-only) system they left me with, in my loft. Any chance anyone can get anyone back to my loft to get me a working home theatre system? I've spent 30K at Best Buy this year, and apparently, once they have your money, they're done with you. I'd like to hear my TV :\