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Tech Insider Network FAQ

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Tech Insider Network


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Best Buy Tech Insider Network Program?

The Best Buy Tech Insider Network Program enables select Best Buy customers to try products in exchange for honest reviews. Reviews help other customers make educated purchase decisions on Since Tech Insider Network members will sometimes receive access to products that are not yet available on the market, their opinions may be among the first posted on a product's detail page. Best Buy does not influence the opinions of Tech Insider Network members, nor do we modify or edit reviews.


How does a Best Buy customer become a Tech Insider Network Member?

Best Buy will reach out to customers that we want to extend an invitation to become a Tech Insider Network member. In order to participate in the program a Tech Insider Network member will be required to provide us a signed IRS Form W-9.


When am I able to sign up for products?

You will receive a Tech Insider Network campaign alert email when a product selection time period is open. These emails are sent to Tech Insider Network Members in good standing (see product review requirements below - good standing means that you consistently review products we send you). When the product selection window is open, eligible members can browse all available products and request to receive them for free. First come, first served.


Am I required to write reviews about all Tech Insider Network products I select?

We require that you write a review for three of four items you receive before we will send you another - however, we encourage you to provide reviews on all of the products you receive. This will contribute to your standing as a Tech Insider Network member so that you can continue to receive and review products in the future.


How quickly do I need to post my review?

After you have thoroughly used or tested the product, we encourage you to post reviews as quickly as possible. Doing so will increase the likelihood that your opinions will be among the first to appear on the detail pages of new and pre-released items.


Where do I post my review?

You may write your review in two ways. We will email you about the products you have not reviewed. You can click on the link in the email and you will be redirected to a review submission form. Another method is to log into your Tech Insider Network account to see the list of products you have received. You will see a "Write a Review" button next to any product you haven't reviewed yet. Please follow the Best Buy General Review Writing Guidelines as outlined on the Review Submission page when crafting your review. It's important you focus on the product itself versus the experience with Tech Insider Network or with Best Buy in general.


Will Best Buy edit my review?

No. All Tech Insider Network reviews will be posted on the product's detail pages unedited, regardless of whether it is a favorable review or not. (All reviews must adhere to the Best Buy General Review Writing Guidelines (/legal/guidelines).


Where and when will my review appear on the product detail page?

Tech Insider Network reviews appear on the product detail page on, in the same location as other Best Buy customer reviews. Tech Insider Network reviews are distinguished from others with a special label. All reviews go through moderation, so there may be up to a 72 hour delay from the time of submission to the time of seeing it on the product detail page.


Is there a limit to the number of Tech Insider Network products I can request for each campaign?

Each Tech Insider Network member is allowed to request the number of items stated in the campaign invite email. It is usually two items per product selection period.


If I don't select any products from a campaign, will I be removed from the Tech Insider Network Program?

Rest assured, no one will be removed from the Tech Insider Network program for not selecting products. You will only be in jeopardy of losing your Tech Insider Network privileges if you do not review the Tech Insider Network products you do receive. However, if you are inactive for a prolonged period of time, we may contact you to confirm that you are still interested in participating in the program.


Can you ship Tech Insider Network Products outside of the United States?

Unfortunately we cannot support shipments outside the US at this time. We hope to provide this capability in the future and apologize to our valued international reviewer community.


How do I return / cancel / modify my request to accept a product?

Return and modify are not yet supported actions. You are able to cancel your product selection as long as you remain logged in.


What types of products are offered through the Tech Insider Network program?

Our team at Best Buy carefully selects products we wish to include in Tech Insider Network. The selections are usually based on the latest technology that we want your valued opinion on most. We update frequently with limited quantities available, so browse often and act fast.


Can I invite my friends to Tech Insider Network?

At this time, participation in the Best Buy Tech Insider Network Program is limited to select customers who have been invited by Best Buy to join.


Do I need to return the item after reviewing it?

No. Tech Insider Network products are yours to keep.


May I share products I receive from Tech Insider Network with my friends and family?

Per the Tech Insider Network Terms and Conditions, you may not sell, exchange / return for money or give possession of the products to any other person or entity.


Who will be sending me Tech Insider Network products?

Tech Insider Network products will be delivered directly by Best Buy or its product suppliers.


How long will it take for me to receive a product to review once I request it?

You should receive your Tech Insider Network item(s) within 5-7 business days of shipping. You may view your order status by visiting your Tech Insider Network account page.


It has been over a week and I have not received my Tech Insider Network item. How can I check status?

Please visit your Tech Insider Network Account to view the status of your order.


How do I remove myself from the Tech Insider Network distribution list?

If you choose to no longer participate in Tech Insider Network, log into your account, select "Your Account" then "Deactivate your account" to opt out of future Tech Insider Network invitations.


How do Tech Insider Network members contact us with any questions they might have on the program?

Tech Insider Network members can email us at with any questions they have.


Are Best Buy employees eligible to become Tech Insider Network Members?

No. Best Buy employees, their affiliates and Suppliers are not eligible.