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Tech Insider Network FAQ

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Tech Insider Network


Frequently Asked Questions



Why does this program exist?

We value customer feedback about products, and so do other customers. The Tech Insider Network program allows our most trusted reviewers to provide honest and unbiased feedback to be posted at


How do I become a member?

Membership is granted on an invite-only basis. We are seeking customers who enjoy sharing their opinions and sentiments about products they use. Thus, Tech Insider Network members are selected based on criteria such as the number of reviews written, previous involvement in one of our trusted Best Buy communities, and membership availability.


As a member, do I have to write reviews to stay in the Tech Insider Network program?

Yes. Authentic reviews are very important in helping shoppers make buying decisions. Through the Tech Insider Network program we seek to generate more reviews. Therefore once members are invited into the program, they have to review at least 75% (3 out of 4) of the products they receive as free samples to maintain their membership.


Do members have to write positive reviews to participate?

No. We expect our members to write unbiased, honest and authentic reviews. All Tech Insider Network reviews will be posted on the product's detail page unedited, regardless of whether it is a favorable review or not, provided they follow the Best Buy General Review Writing Guidelines. 


Do Tech Insider Network members get paid for writing reviews?

No. Members are not paid to participate in the program nor are they paid to write reviews. There is no pressure or expectation to write positive reviews, and negative reviews do not affect membership in the program.


Are reviews collected through the Tech Insider Network program labeled differently?

Yes. To ensure authenticity, any reviews gathered through this program will be labeled as such at