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How Do I Use Shopkick at Best Buy?

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If you’re a fan of shopping (and an even bigger fan of loyalty reward programs), then we’ve got some great news for you: Shopkick is available at Best Buy!


What is Shopkick?


Shopkick is smart phone app and loyalty program that rewards consumers for simply visiting their favorite retail stores and interacting with products.  Anyone with an iPhone or Android-based phone can join and no purchase is necessary to start earning rewards.


How does it work?


It’s really simple!  Just download the free Shopkick app from either the iTunes App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android), visit a participating Best Buy® store with your smart phone, and check in at the door or the customer service desk.  You’ll be able to earn Kicks by checking in at local stores, scanning featured products using your smart phone's built-in camera, and scanning your unique barcode during a purchase.




How can I take advantage of Shopkick offers?




  • When entering a Best Buy store, make sure to have the Shopkick app open and that Bluetooth and Location Services are on.
  • If Kicks are available for your walk-in, a blue bubble will appear. Select this to claim the Kicks.


If the bubble does not appear, select Best Buy on the Earn tab to go to the store information screen.  Under the "Ways to earn kicks section, the Walk-ins icon will show if Kicks are available or if your limit has been reached.  If it shows Kicks are available and the bubble is still not appearing, click the Walk-ins icon to check for troubleshooting steps or to Report the Issue.



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  • On the Earn tab, select Best Buy under the Kicks Nearby list or by searching using the search icon at the top of the screen.
  • Select the Scans icon under the "Ways to earn kicks" section.


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  • Select a product from the list to open it for more details. Some products will give you Kicks for scanning and purchasing, so be on the lookout for those!


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  • Click the Scan button to allow your device to scan the product's in-store QR or UPC code via the camera to claim the Kicks.


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  • On the Earn tab, select Best Buy under the Kicks Nearby list or by searching using the search icon at the top of the screen.
  • You should then see a personalized QR code/barcode. Present the screen to the cashier and make sure they scan it BEFORE pressing total for the transaction. Scanning this will add a Shopkick line to your receipt.



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  • Best Buy transactions usually take 24 hours to process, but can sometimes take 3 days, depending on shopkicker traffic.
  • The Shopkick line must appear on your receipt for you to receive credit, so double check your receipt before you leave the store.  If it doesn't appear, credit can't be awarded, for any reason.
  • You can get kicks for two transactions per week at Best Buy. If you're planning to make more purchases than that, be mindful of which purchases you add your Shopkick information to. Best Buy takes your first two purchases that show the Shopkick line in a week and credits them.
  • You cannot use two shopping applications at the same time - cashiers will not be able to apply two different QR codes to a single transaction.
  • Online and Pick Up orders are not eligible for kicks in Best Buy's kicks for purchase program, nor are transactions made at registers which do not support the Shopkick QR code/barcode scan process.  This means regular Best Buy transactions only.  Pacific Sales Kitchen & Home, Magnolia Home Theater, and Geek Squad specific transactions are not eligible for kicks.

If you believe your purchase was eligible for kicks based on the above criteria, please get in touch with Shopkick's support team with an image of the receipt within 10 days of the purchase so that they can look into it for you:


What can I use Kicks for?


You can redeem Kicks for a whole mess of goodies!  Whether you’re interested in Best Buy® gift cards, movie tickets or restaurant vouchers, we’re sure you’ll find something you want in the rewards section of the Shopkick app.  You can even donate your Kicks to select causes!


What happens if I forget to present my phone at the time of sale?


Kicks can only be awarded at the time of checkout -- neither Shopkick nor Best Buy are able to award credit for individual transactions if a Shopkick line does not appear on your receipt.