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Entertainment Pre-Order FAQs

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Pre-Ordering Video Games and Movies


Q: What is a pre-order?

A: is proud to offer hundreds of items that can be ordered on our site before they are released by our record label, movie studio, video game and consumer electronics suppliers. Each item is assigned a release date, which represents the scheduled date on which the product is either available in our stores, or available to be shipped. These release dates are provided to Best Buy by our suppliers and are subject to change without notice. In the interest of keeping our customers as informed as possible, will update these date changes as soon as they are made available to us.


Q: How do I pre-order an item?

A: Simply add it to your shopping cart just like any other item. After placing your order, you will receive an e-mail confirming your order and providing you with a reference number. Though a credit card is required to place a pre-order, it will not be charged until your item ships (so please be sure your card is not due to expire between the time you place your order and the time you item is expected to ship).


Q: When will I be charged?

A: You will not be charged at the time you place the pre-order. Only when your item ships will your credit card be charged. If you order additional items along with your pre-order, you will be charged for each item as it ships.


Q: Can you ensure the price listed at the time the pre-order is placed will remain the same?

A: Yes and no. When a price is assigned to a pre-ordered item, we are reasonably certain it will remain at that price. However, from time to time--given how far in advance we make items available to our customers--a price change will occur. If this happens, you will always receive the lower of the two prices. For example, if you order an item for $49.99 and the pre-order price is later dropped to $39.99, you will be charged only $39.99. If you ordered the item at $49.99 and the price rises to $59.99, you still pay only $49.99. When you place a pre-order, you are assured our lowest pre-release price.


Q: What happens if the release date changes? Will I be notified?

A: Occasionally a game's publisher will change the date a game is being released or cancel the title all together. If this happens to an item you've pre-ordered, we will send you an e-mail update.


Q: Can I pick up my pre-ordered item in the store on the day it's released?

A: At this time, only select pre-ordered items are available for store pickup. See the product detail page for more information.


Q: Can I have more than one item on pre-order at a time?

A: Yes. You can pre-order as many different titles as you want; each will be delivered once it's been released. However, when you place an order, there may be quantity restrictions on some products (i.e., you may see messaging that reads "Limit per customer: 2" on the product detail page).


Q: Where can I go to view the items I have on pre-order?

A: To view items you have on pre-order, just log in to your account and view your order status. All pre-ordered items will be listed along with their expected release dates.


Q: What if a special offer or giveaway becomes available after I place my pre-order?

A: No problem. All pre-ordered items will receive any offer enhancements that become available (e.g., if a free game disc is added to the offer, you will receive it even if it was not available at the time you placed your pre-order).


Q: Will I be reminded of my pre-order before it ships?

A: No. You will receive a notice only if something about your order has changed (e.g., the release date).


Q: Can I cancel my order if I change my mind?

A: Yes. You can cancel your order any time before it ships. If it has already shipped and you decide to return it, it must be unopened, and you may be charged for the return shipping.


Q: What if I forget I pre-ordered a game and buy it in the store? Can I return it?

A: Yes. As long as the item is unopened, you can return it for a full refund. You may still be charged for return shipping.


Q: How soon are games available for pre-order?

A: Most games are available for pre-order weeks--sometimes months--in advance of their expected release dates.


Q: When will I receive my pre-ordered items?

A: strives to ship pre-orders as soon as they are received in our fulfillment centers. Our goal is to ensure timely delivery of a pre-ordered item on, or around, the actual release date of the product.


  • For movies and music pre-orders you will usually receive your item near its scheduled release date
  • For software and video games your pre-order will be shipped as soon as it's available for release. Using ground shipping, you should receive your software or video game order within 3-5 business days of its release (in rare cases, it may take up to 10 days). To ensure a speedier delivery, alter your shipping option when you place your pre-order and choose Two Day or One Day at an additional charge.