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when will it be back in stock?

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Re: when will it be back in stock?

I had a similar situation when I bought mine.  Nobody could tell me when they would be available for order again.  
So I just bookmarked it and checked a couple times a day.


Thats a pretty sweet machine.

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Re: when will it be back in stock?

Hi saini89,

Getting the best gaming deals when available is always important and beneficial for the most extreme gamers. I can't really blame you asking considering I am a gamer myself who streams by a specific schedule.

It's basically a supply and demand issue from what I can tell. The 1070 is a fairly new graphics card and so I highly doubt this computer is just "not coming back into stock"

Sadly though it may be either way difficult to dictate as to when the product will return to stores/online. As bobberuchi suggested dutifully checking back on the status normally is the best bet.

From personal experience I have had mixed results where some products come back into stock and others never do.
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