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virus protectors

Sometimes it is just a hard time for me in reference to choosing virus protectors .... whats the difference between Trend and Norton

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Re: virus protectors

I prefer Kaspersky.  They have been the sleeper of antivirus protection over the last few years and the features you get with their antivirus is really good value.  Best Buy sells a 1 year license for 1-pc for $39.99.

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Re: virus protectors

Virus protection has been a debate on many boards for many years. Kaspersky would also be my recommendation as well, when factoring in such factors as memory and resources used, features, and reliability.

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Re: virus protectors

I'm also chiming in.
Kaspersky only has a 70MB footprint on my system, and doesn't slow it down at all.

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Re: virus protectors

I have tried Kaspersky, and while I agree it has a small footprint, it is not as small as Norton.  What concerned me about Kaspersky was the number of false positives....I had several in the approximately 3 months I used it.  I find that as annoying as a product that misses known vectors (which Kaspersky didn't, but....). Personally I still find Norton the best product available right now. 





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