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upgraden my laptop

i recently bought a toshiba qosmio and i would like to upgrade the proccessor but i dont know what is the bigest one it can hold
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Re: upgraden my laptop

This might get a faster response if posted under the "computer" thread.


I am not to good with PC's and would nto want to give you the wrong info.

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Re: upgraden my laptop

Try this

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Re: upgraden my laptop

Greetings, lobooneill.


As the link provided by 3K1ippz indicates, this type of upgrade is costly if even available and something an owner should not attempt alone.  When notebook users are ready for a processor upgrade they are generally ready for a new computer. If you are within the return/exchange period, then you may ask for help to find a computer that does have a faster processer, which may not exist at this writing. However, I have to admit, you must be a better gamer than I, sir; this is one nice laptop aimed at gaming users.  I would keep it and maintain bragging rights!  Have fun!

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