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update HP Pavilion

I have an 8-year old HP Pavilion dv7-3183cl, but the SATA(?) hard drive failed with Windows 10 installed. Can I buy a new solid-state drive and replace Windows 10 (and all the other software I had installed)? I do have a copy of all the files was on the drive..


Or does it make more sense to just by a new laptop?

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Re: update HP Pavilion

If the computer is working more-or-less correctly (aside from the failed drive), installing the solid state drive would be a really cheap and effective upgrade. I would recommend it.

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Re: update HP Pavilion

 I fully agree.  SSD drives are low so cost now.


The only caviet could be if the computer is 8 years old it was in stalled with Windowx XP, 7, or similar.  You may have to install the original version first and then do the Windows 10 upgrade.


As long as your going to be in the machine I would suggest replacing the mother board battery.


It is a little round battery. At least that is if they still make computers with battery's on the board.


Generaly they tend to last about 5 years so if you have gotten 8 thats pretty good.

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Re: update HP Pavilion

Hello hooker7910,


The prices on solid state drives are about as good as they've been since they came out a few moons ago. So upgrading your unit (albeit to repair your now-failed SATA drive) is a great way to speed up performance and add a little more life to your computer. If it was still running fairly good prior to the hard drive failure, you should be able to reinstall Windows 10, followed by your old programs, and all your backed up data. The only caveat here is how Windows 10 was initially installed on the computer. Being 8 years old, I would assume it came with Windows 7 pre-installed. At some point it was either upgraded to Windows 8 and then to Windows 8 or directly to Windows 10. My only concern there would be the activation of the OS once you replace the drive. In some instances, the Windows Activation will recognize that the computer previously had Windows 10 installed and activate itself, in other instances it may ask for a product key OR the installation of the original OS. I would strongly suggest visiting your local Geek Squad and inquiring with one of the agents about this. The consultations are free and they may be able to take a quick look and see if there would be any issues down the road.

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