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the computer system is bad?

today i was working and i had a customer confirm his number on the pin pad and then it just shoots the screen into the edit mode without letting me go forward. didn’t let me press submit just kinda sat there. this happened to all our computers. and then when someone used their bestbuy card it would always say declined for every customers card. wack asf. finally fixed it by manually restarting each computer by ctrl alt delete-ing because they froze so bad.

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Re: the computer system is bad?

Hey, Shido321. 


Thank you for reaching out to us on the Best Buy Forums page. Having computer issues are never good. If my computer was not working I wouldn't be able to work, so I understand you reaching out for help. Are you inside a Best Buy store? 

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Re: the computer system is bad?

good, to solve it you can take help from different site and forums.

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Re: the computer system is bad?

If your computers are down and they are critical function for you and your team to do your job, your supervisor or manager has a handbook and a list of number to call if your point of sale terminals ever need immediate servicing. It would be an inconveience to a store to go back to the old style of imprinting credit cards but some stores still do it in emergencies. 

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Re: the computer system is bad?

We used to be able to fall to dial up for credit cards, but that all went away with the chip readers and apple pay machines a few years ago