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talking to printer

Smiley Sad some one was playing with my computor and now the printer prints all the printer commands. i know it is someting easy.
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Re: talking to printer

Hi barbieido,


I know it is frustrating when your printer is malfunctioning!


What I recommend is reinstalling the drivers for the printer.  You can typically find these on the manufacturer's website.  There may also be a firmware update available.  If so, this could also help your situation.


If this does not resolve the issue, please respond with some additional information, including what operating system you use and the model of your printer.


Hope this helps!


Thank you,


Agent Jason

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Re: talking to printer

Smiley Sad I was thinking that it is something that the functions keys do but i don't know what all the function keys do.  I reinstalled the printer.  It is the way the computor is talking to the printer.

thank you for any help.