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sd card for htc evo

my sd card for my cell phone doesnt seem to work i inserted it into my computer wont work it wont read it it keeps asking to format it thing is i have pictures & videos that wont show up anymore is there a software that i can buy to recover my sd card?












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Re: sd card for htc evo

If I were in your situation, I would contact your local Best Buy's Geek Squad. They may be able to test out the card and or your phone to determine if the issue is with the SD card or the phone.

I am a Best Buy employee, this is my personal opinion and does not represent the opinions of Best Buy.
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Re: sd card for htc evo

If it used to work in both the phone and the computer, and works in neither, now, then the file system is probably corrupt. Formatting the card should fix this, but you'll lose the data on it. Best Buy can probably recover the data, but it won't be free. 


As an aside, for a card (or any flash memory) that becomes corrupt for no apparent reason, even after formatting it, don't put anything important on it for a while. I had a flash drive that corrupted on me, I formatted it and used it for a few days, and the data corrupted again. Tried it again, same result, so it was relegated to garbage duty. Basically, the corruption could be a software issue (issue caused by software when reading/writing from the card) or an issue with the 'hardware' of the sd card.