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is it normal for spybot search and destroy to reboot my computer system 

also will this interfere with webroot or kespersky software 



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Re: questions

Personally I conder thing like spybot to be more along the lines of malware itself.  

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Re: questions

Hi macuser,

Spybot search and destroy does have a restart feature yes. I am pretty sure this can be disabled though. I haven't used the program myself in quite some time though.

It should be noted that (at least when I used to use it) it was somewhat CPU intensive depending on your CPU. I believe there is a guide on Spybot forums on how to make it not quite as intensive but I am not allowed to link the site.


One last option is to try something like this
Right click on My Computer, click properties, click on the advanced tab, click on settings, under System Failure uncheck the option....Automatically Restart.
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