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presidents day sale for pc builders? really?

So, I've been trying to find a new graphics card to build up my pc with. Found some ok deals on rtx3060ti and all... always sold out. But today really got to me. This new presidents day sale. They have a section for pc building. What's the point if every single graphics card they sell is sold out or gets sold out by bots immediately. It's really a messed up joke. Here's half the parts you need to build a pc... ummm graphics card, yeah, we don't sell those anymore to normal people, stay tuned to our app and website everyday for the next month for a CHANCE to BUY a graphics card for yourself or others!

Anyone else see the problem? Or maybe I'll get lucky with my incoherent babbling and the market will flood with gpus now...
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Re: presidents day sale for pc builders? really?

The issue is with NVIDIA not being able to supply the cards. Not with Best Buy not wanting to sell them.


You are going to continue to have the issue until Covid is gone.  



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Re: presidents day sale for pc builders? really?

The problem is that these cards are so powerful that an evil computer system from the future called 'skynet' believes they may help humanity prevent it's take over of the world. 'Skynet' has sent 'Bots' back in time to purchase all of these cards so they can be destroyed before the general public can purchase them. Smiley Happy