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new computer suggestions

I need a computer that has high quality and a lot of space because I want to be able run photoshop, an art tablet, and games. Right now I only play Sims4 on a laptop that has Minimum requirments and I want something that makes it run smooth and basically perfect if possible.


Looking for a 2-in-1 if possible.


Currently have a Toshiba that, if it had a better graphics card it would runn better if anyone knows how to help me change that for now or instead.


I dont have a lot of money so something cheaper, good deal, or able to pay over time would be amazing.


Please help this bored college kid.

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Re: new computer suggestions

You did not give a dollar amount. If you could give us an expected budget it would be helpful.

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Re: new computer suggestions

I don’t have one. That why I went into detail about good deals, cheaper, and maybe a payment option
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Re: new computer suggestions

the requirements for photoshop and the Sims are actually pretty miminal. Where you will get better performance with photoshop is going to be how much ram you have.  What works well for photoshop should work well for your Art Tablet


You should look for something that has 12 to 16 GB of Ram. Though 8 will problaby work just fine. 


For you purposes I would also think a dedicated graphics card may be best.  A dedicated graphics cards, aka GPU, supports faster and higher quality graphics operations. However, Intel Grahics, which is built into the mother board will actually work pretty good for photoshop.


Personaly I am a big fan of 17" displays on laptops.  Especially if your going to play games or try and be productive with things like Photoshop or an Art Tablet.


To that end I would suggest applying for a My Best Buy Credit card. You should be able to get 6 or 12 month financing.


Dell Inspirion 2 in 1


For your purposes the Microsoft Surface may be a really good option, but they tend to get a little more pricy.






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