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networking advice

i need help deciding what i need for setting up a wireless connection in my home. i have a desktop computer that will stay in the room with my time warner cable modem, i plan on buying a laptop and possibly using an ipod touch via wireless connection. my question is what router do i need?...time warner told me i need to rent theirs because they have a modem and router built together or i will lose speed on my connection i have now. so any advice would be appreciated. thanks, Jay

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Re: networking advice

Here are your options....


1. Buy a cable modem gateway. That is what your cable company wants to sell you. You can more than likely buy a better product than what they are offering. Best Buy sells a cable gateway from Motorola that has the latest cable modem hardware and offers Wireless N capabilities.


2. Buy a wireless router. Get a good wireless N router. You simply attach it to your cable modem and then go through the wireless network setup procedure.


3. Buy a cable modem and a wireless router. You will likely drop some money from your cable bill since they probably charge you for your cable modem. You can always get a better modem than what the cable company provides as they tend to offer older cable modems even when their networks are wired for the latest network specs.

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Re: networking advice


Model: WNDR3400-100NAS | SKU: 1208844

This wireless router enables speeds up to 600 Mbps for efficient operation and features a broadband usage meter that ensures accurate measurement of daily, weekly and monthly Internet traffic.

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