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need laptop suggestions

I just bought a lenova  to be exact! I hate it Smiley Sad  I have an issue with it constintly disconnecting from my internet (which I saw others have had issues with with a lenovo) and i cant handle the mouse moving when and where it wants when I barely touch it (I have tried to change sensitivity with no change)


I am looking for a laptop that has a dedicated graphics, and I have a gaming asus which I find really hard to type on.


Looking for 17, at least 8 gig,  and love the keyboard backlight! so nice when typing in the dark.


Any ideas?

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Re: need laptop suggestions

Such a product should be custom-ordered from the manufacturer. Best Buy and other resellers usually don't carry high-end models with backlit keyboards and the top graphics options.

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Re: need laptop suggestions

I have bought an Asus laptop model q504u in bradenton, florida around the 18th or 19th of October, 2016. Now, I have a problem turning on the keyboard back light. Please let me know how to turn on/off. Which key/s to press.



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Re: need laptop suggestions

For gaming laptops I am a very big fan of the MSI Gaming Laptops. 


They are built just for gaming.  The software bundle is designed to have minimal other applications start up and it has the Killer Gaming network which essentialy disables to a minimum any other program that might use the network connection while gaming.  


OH and I really like the light up keyboard.


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