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my XP computer

I have purchased an XP desktop computer from best buy, i have had this computer in to your Geek Squad for repairs, and the last time i had my computer in for service, i was given my computer back without the basic programming, i had to contact Emachines to ask them what to do, they sent me a programming disk and helped me program my computer, now, my computer runs very slow, it says that i am missing megabytes, and i am only using 16.2 GB and i have 111GB on my computer. it says that i am suppost to have 256 mb but there is only 222mb available. now this morning my daughter was givin an i pod for christmas and now my USB ports arent working!

i need help, i need someone to fix my computer CORRECTLY, my opinion of Geek Squad is very low, i hope you understand, i thought that they were there to help me and it seems that all they have done was make my computer run worse then ever. I have a warrenty with best buy i paid for the 3 year warrenty, but i cant get anyone to help me fix it right. WHAT DO I DO????????? I NEED HELP!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: my XP computer

sounds like what you had a problem was a bad harddrive.


so geek squad swap out a new hard drive for you. when they do that u'll lose all the data (becasue it's a brand new "empty" hard drive)


the 256mb ram are oftenly "rounded up" sometimes u may actually have 222mb of ram available.


have u tried plugging a USB flashdrive into your comptuer and see if that works? or just could be your not installign the ipod's drivers correctly.

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Re: my XP computer

Welcome, oconner!

Thank you for your post. I know how exciting it is to get new technology and I will bet she is anxious to start using the iPod. Not being able to connect is very frustrating. How old was this repair? How old is the computer? You also have several questions that I will answer in order.

I also suspect they replaced your hard disk drive (HDD). As suggested, a new HDD is like a clean system with no operating system (OS). Replacing the HDD thus requires reinstalling the OS from recovery disks which you obtained from the manufacturer. This process should be covered under your stated Performance Service Plan (PSP) but the disks are your responsibility to provide so that services are completed.  This is standard procedure, but I understand HDD failure is nonetheless frustrating.


The RAM (random access memory) may be showing less than what was specified because many desktops share the RAM with the video processor chip. Did your computer have the standard ram number of 256 MB? Then the video is borrowing about 32 MB from the main RAM. Perhaps you want to look at adding more RAM because it will help the system multitask better. Systems slow down as we use computers over time and install more programs. While you are there for an upgrade, you could check into a system optimization (tune up) and an external HDD for backups or to store more songs.

Did you know not all USB ports are the same? In fact, some desktops have USB 1.1 on the front and USB 2.0 on the back. The difference is that USB 2.0 is a data connection which includes power for a device whereas USB 1.1 is primarily only a data connection. This is important for newer devices that require charging, such as the iPod. Have you tried connecting to the USB ports on the back of the desktop? Do other USB devices work on the computer? If so, it may be something other than the USB ports like the iPod itself or its software installation.

If you suspect there are further issues related to software or USB port hardware you may ultimately want to bring the computer to your local Geek Squad® Precinct for further assistance. Diagnostics may be covered if you have a valid manufacturer warranty or valid Performance Service Plan (PSP). You can also send me a private message (click on my name and select “Send user a message” on that next screen) for further assistance. Let me know how I can help!

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