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monitor plug doesn't fit tower plug holes

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The plug on my new Dell Experion desktop monitor is too large to fit in PC tower. It's not a matter of an adapter that uses screws.


I need an adapter with a female display port on one end and a male HDMI 1.4b on the other other end. Every adapter I see at amazon involving a display port and an HDMI goes the other way: male display and female HDMI. (Bear in mind that when I say "male" and "female" I'm talking about what the adapter needs, not what the devices have; the devices have the opposite.) Also I've found nothing to tell me what kind of display port. Dell maintains they reply within two days. Two days have passed, and they haven't replied.


Where can I get this? I can't use my new computer until I can plug in the monitor, of course. Thank you


{Removed per fourms gudelines} is the easiest way to reach me.

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Re: monitor plug doesn't fit tower plug holes

My apologies but you post is a little confusing.


Display Port is a type of connection

HDMI is a type of connection



Display Port and HDMI have no male or female connectors. They are the same on both ends.


Say your computer has HDMI and your monitor is Display Port


You can get a cable that has HDMI on one end and Display Port on the other


Or you can get an adapter such as this one  that plugs into your HDMI and then you use your Display Port cable to connect to the monitor



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