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.mdb Database

Adding / deleting data, queries to the database - all worked fine.

Did compression base.

The resulting file compressed database turned 979 380 KB

When trying to open an empty boot Access, in the status bar says, "Done".

The base itself does not appear as if an empty Access launched.


What can be and how have still open the database?


Thank you.

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Re: .mdb Database

Your thoughts are kind of scattered could you try to rephrase what the problem is?


979k sounds about right for an empty database.

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Re: .mdb Database

In addition, you can get more resources to solve problem .mdb file


Ultimate solution you may use only if previous methods didn't work, that denotes your .mdb corruption is severe, see and try it MDB Open File Tool


Recovering from corruption

This article may help if your database is already corrupt

Before doing anything else, make a copy of the corrupted mdb file while Access is NOT running, and without overwriting any earlier backups. This lets you try different approaches and sequences if necessary.

Next, try the built-in repair utility. This very simple solution may work with corrupted indexes, and might even get rid of a corrupted object:

  • In Access 2010, click Compact and Repair Database on the Database Tools ribbon.
  • In Access 2007, click the Office button (top left), then Manage.
  • In Access 95 - 2003, choose Database Utilities from the Tools menu.

If this does not work, follow the steps for the symptoms of your corruption below.