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i know linux ubuntu is probably the best os yet, but for various reasons, i have to continue using vista.  vista was pre-installed when i bought the laptop, so i don't have a disk.  i can delete ubuntu, but the grub program remains.  i can delete all the files relating to grub, but im worried that by doing so, the boot manager would continue to not work and i won't be able use the computer at all.  i've been using super grub to get on windows, but i need the 30GB that linux and supergrub are using.  what should i do?
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Re: linux

Hey calvint45,

Hopefully you found an answer already but I wanted to reply just in case you and others are still curious. The suggestions below should not be undertaken lightly by anyone. If you do not understand “DOS Commands” or are worried about losing your data – then please pay a professional to fix (and perhaps first backup) your computer. The information herein is intended as a brief suggestion to removing GNU GRUB after a Linux installation for VISTA ONLY without any guarantees – proceed at your own risk.

All right, disclaimers out of the way, you may try one of the following:

  • Reinstall Vista after a Backup – This is the most thorough way to solve the issue and is helpful if you wish to “start over.”
  • Or change the settings in GRUB boot loader to point to your Vista boot loader. This is a workaround fix.
  • Or Microsoft Help and Support has a guide for Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to repair Windows Vista startup (for advanced computer users).

These steps are intentionally vague but I hope this helps!

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Re: linux

If you want Ubuntu Linux on your computer without the hassle of messing with partitions, theres a program called "WUBI" that downloads an ISO of Ubuntu, installs it in a custom way, and sets up a dual boot. You can specify in WUBI how much disk space you wish to allocate for Ubuntu. At any time if you decide Ubuntu is not right for you, you can easily remove it from the control panel and it will not harm your computer in any way.
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